Some Musings on Poor Peasant Diets

Spending all last week at “the cabin,” I figured I’d keep my Rush and Led Zeppelin to my myself, this time. Perhaps I’ll have some food pics, though. But maybe I won’t post them, either. Too peasant. Since I began Potato Hacking recently, I stumbled from potato hack intermittently, to peasant hack most of the rest…

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The Potato Hack is Making Potato Great Again

I hadn’t mentioned it in a previous post, but we’ve been up here at The Cabin since last Friday, with guests over the weekend, and I just plain haven’t felt that much like writing on the blog. It happens. But I wanted to get a quick note out that Tim’s book, The Potato Hack: Weight Loss…

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Fun With Potatoes, Fun With Food, Fun With Life

I have crazy amounts of fun since incorporating plain old and lots of potatoes into my daily fair. The Funny thing is, it’s not much to blog about concerning alluring food. On the other hand, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, as they say, and the word I’m getting is that more and more…

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Why Am I “Attacking” The Low-Carb and Paleo Diets?

I’ve most recently put up yet another couple of posts that many perceive as me attacking the Low-Carbohydrate Diet, The Ketogenic Diet, and The Paleo Diet. A Mild Critique of the Low-Carb-Diet Encouragement to Add Fat Can Eating Mashed Potatoes With Your Meals Cause You To Eat 30-40% Fewer Calories? I suppose you could say…

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Can Eating Mashed Potatoes With Your Meals Cause You To Eat 30-40% Fewer Calories?

I’ve had renewed interest in “The Potato Hack“ lately, emerging here just over three years ago, producing a bunch of posts and comments once Tim “Tatertot” Steele brought it to my attention. He’ll soon have a book out, specifically on The Potato Diet, or “Hack,” as we like to call it. I’ve skimmed through his draft and offered a few suggestions.…

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Did The Paleo Diet Get It Wrong On Grains?

Many are already convinced that the original take on the Paleo Diet got it wrong on starchy tubers (and starch in general), legumes, honey, and perhaps a few other things…like the idea one is best suited to a high fat, high protein, and low carb, or even ketogenic, diet.

There’s many posts here on all of that stuff and in terms of potatoes, going back to 2009 even. Curiosity gets the best of me and I’m never comfortable or satisfied with pat, just-so answers to anything.

Moreover, way back, the science of the gut microbiome was a gaping hole in terms of integration into the diet. That’s perhaps the most understandable, since it’s only in the last few years that the science has skyrocketed. There is no shame in ignorance, only in refusing to correct it when new facts present themselves.

Before I delve into why I think paleo may have gotten it wrong on grains, let me post an email I got yesterday from a long-time reader and commenter, Steven.

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Fear of Raw Potato Starch Ingestion is Probably Irrational

Unfortunately, a certain blogger still seems more interested in promoting that irrational fear. I’ll leave it to readers to discern motivations. So, first a little housecleaning. I waffle back and forth between regretting taking down a post laying out my beefs with Ms. Grace Liu, and being relieved because of the involvement or proximity of…

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CPT-1A – P479L Mutation in Inuit: Acknowledge It’s No Basis For A Ketogenic Diet; Recommend a “Ketogenic” Diet Anyway

Here’s the backdrop. A post by Peter at Hyperlipid. And then, A Second Post. Many comments on both threads, including Dr. Mike Eades participating in the second one. TL;DR: from what I gather of Peter’s posts: Inuit not in ketosis. It’s just a high fat diet. Let’s look into this. First, Duck and I put together a series…

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What If You Ruin A Vegan Potato Salad With Chicken Stock?

Well first of all, I’m floored. …No, it’s not about Lyle McDonald’s revelation today over living a double life as a porn producer. Nope, I’m talking about yesterday’s post: What If You Modified Dr. McDougall’s Program To “Starch-Based Paleo?” I was prepared to duck for cover; but as it turns out, the comments are not that at…

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