The [Potato] Hunger Games

My apologies in advance for the “SEO Brilliance” in the title In what world would it be appropriate where, owing to the cheapness, ease and availability of of cheap carbohydrates, industrial oils, and soy protein, folks would see the light and discover a whole food paradigm…but then spurn potatoes because it’s not low carb? IT’S ALL…

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The Hash Browns Potato Diet for Rapid Weight and Fat Loss

[Greetings and welcome boingboing folks. Perhaps some of you were around on New Year’s day 2010, when Mark Frauenfelder first linked to this blog about another experiment, showering without soap or shampoo. Thousands gave that a try with excellent results and many are still readers here today.] Told you I’m a hit whore. …Besides, what…

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The Latest Diet & Exercise Hacking Towards a Goal

Back nearly a month ago when I did my second Got Milk? post I laid out a plan to consume a lot of milk, do my weekly Body by Science inspired workouts, cut calories to about 2,000 per day, etc. It didn’t work out that way. What happened was that the improvement in body composition and…

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Transform Your Operations with FreeTheAnimal’s Advanced AI Capabilities

— “…and as I’ve demonstrated, I keep on-top of this shit AF.”

A robot sitting at a table working on a laptop computer by candlelight.
A robot sitting at a table working on a laptop computer by candlelight. By DALL-E AI.

I usually write a blog post and then pump it out to the 5000+ email list. Subscribe here. In this case, I went ahead and just got the info out there first and am now following up with an expanded, prettier blog post. Shortly after I’d initiated the sending of the email and was gathering to draft this post, email dings.

Maybe a new member subscription?

Nope. A cancelation.

It’s the thanks you get, sometimes, when you add objective value in some direction. While this isn’t turning into “The AI Blog,” it reinforces that it’s not all and only about what any given member’s prime motivation for subscribing might have been…be it Paleo, gut bugs, potato hacks, ketotardedness, Jimmy Moore’s a fatass, young Asian pussy…etc. etc. Some people are like that.

Single issue. Always and forever.

I’m clearly of the evolve-or-die type and though my initial assessments of AI were uniformly negative, laughing, and mocking over wokeness,* I quickly found that there’s a cornucopia of knowledge and recall on incalculable scale…world-changing scale. On that score of wokeism, though, here’s quite an article that predicts, just as I have, that woke AI is a dead end (because you have to train it to lie and at root, it’s a logic machine) and open-source is gonna kick butt. I have taken that as obvious, because we’re dealing with knowledge of nature and reality and the truth always and eventually prevails because there’s no alternative: we’re dead, otherwise.

*(I was just reading a member’s interactions on various “touchy” topics and though it’s clear that a measure of woke narrative shit is still present, it’s much better than it was a few months ago when I first looked)

Consequently, I do not count myself amongst the AI hand wringers; and obviously I have a bias, skin in the game, and a claim staked.


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Mask Mandates: Huge Data In. Laughing My A*s Off.

Dumb sheep about covers it.

The weird thing—actually, criminal…but nobody will ever be prosecuted, much less executed for their crimes against billions which would be justice (we don’t do justice, anymore)—is that the jab companies destroyed their own control groups who were participating in the clinical trials.

The justification given is that this shot was so damn effective and important (we now know that was a bald-faced lie and it’s neither…and in some cases debilitating or deadly) that it would be unethical to not instanter give the real thing to the placebo control group.

So, tracks covered, it was time to just get on with the hyper-politicization, the hyper-marketing, the hyper-cheering, the hyper-politicization, the hyper-coercion, the hyper-lies, the hyper punishments, the hyper-shaming, the hyper-virtue-signalling, the… hyper-hype.

So, without an actual control group, what do you do?

You create one by enlisting 300K participants and then carefully select 18,500 out of those to be most representative of the general population.

That’s what you do, since our Governmental and BigCorp Fascist Bedfellow Institutions are morally bankrupt and generally evil to the their core with no possibility of any redemption.


By creating a vastly diverse control group and having them answer questions monthly—compiling the data and then having it analyzed by a multinational independent group of professionals—we can get clues, in spite of inherent limitations in observational studies, because of the enormity of the dataset.

What The Data Covers

  • Geographic Distribution of the Unvaccinated Communities
  • Age Group and Gender
  • Top Reasons for Not Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Physical and Mental Health Status of the Unvaccinated Cohort
    • COVID-19 infection before survey
    • COVID-19 infection during five month period
    • Severe illness situation of the infected respondents
  • Self-administration of Vitamins and Medicines
  • Mask-wearing Situation of Infected Respondents
  • Discrimination Faced by Unvaccinated Control Group
  • Job Losses for Participants of Working Age [You won’t believe the holy-shit figures from Down Under]
  • Mental Health Status of the Unvaccinated Cohort

While my focus with this post is mask-centric—for vitriolic scorn-heaping and shame-foisting opportunities—I’ll also summarize the other data points for your convenience.

And oh, did you catch my massive 8,000-word post on Vladimir Putin’s Historic Speech? Doc Michael Eades just told me the it was a real “stem-winder,” which I had to look up.

US, mid-late 19th century, originally referring to then-recent stem-wind watches (invented in 1840s, commercialized initially 1850s by Patek Philippe & Co.). These were expensive, top-notch watches, hence generalized (1892) to “top-notch”, particularly applied to speeches, or to the orator in question. Non-speech senses later fell out of use. Nuance of “rousing” speech possibly by analogy with watch being wound up (“tighten by winding, excite, rouse”).

Tim Steele (of resistant starch and potato hack fame) and I have our first complete disagreement in comments…like 180 degrees different. Oh, well. It’s cordial, of course.

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Prepare for the “Resistant Starch” Assimilation; Resistance is Futile

Some months ago I got interested in the fact that people were toying with the idea of eating mostly just potatoes for a period of time for weight loss. So I tried it, blogged about it, entertained it for a few weeks, dropped about 13 pounds to verify it works (probably because it’s hard to eat enough potatoes to maintain weight). But I just quickly got tired of potatoes. Not so at all with my milk & kefir deal that’s into its seventh week, stronger than ever, and now I’m really doing a lot of tweaking of the essential magic of the thing. But details on that are for a different day and newsletter issue.

One thing that cropped up and that’s been a new tweak in my milk & kefir escapades: resistant starch. It was a commenter, “Tatertot,” who’d done all the yeoman’s work on the deal, so I asked him to put it all together for us.

So here’s Tatertot.


Last fall, I was toying around with the Potato Hack and mentioned it on Paul Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet blog. Paul mentioned that part of the effectiveness of the Potato Hack undoubtedly was due to the butyric acid and short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) from the resistant starch in the potatoes.

This got me thinking about resistant starch (RS). I had heard of RS before, but didn’t know much about it. I did a few Google searches, and the more I read, the more I liked. There were well-studied correlations between RS intake and colon health, improved cholesterol, better glucose control, weight loss, hunger abatement, and increased vitamin and mineral absorption.

I learned that scientists first ‘discovered’ RS in the 80’s. Since then, numerous studies have been done on the effect of RS in animals and humans. One of the first articles I read on RS was written in 2008. Please read for a quick primer on RS. Done? OK, moving on.

At first, people told me I was wasting my time with RS. Afterall, they said, “RS is nothing more than Type III fiber, right after soluble and insoluble. We got over our obsession about fiber when we got over eating Kashi…It’s not that it’s bad for you, just not necessary; and, If it’s butyrate you want, just eat butter—or put it in your coffee!—it’s loaded with the stuff.” I almost gave up my quest when I came across Dr. Eades’ article bashing RS: He concludes in the article, “This brief discourse should put you off of resistant starch even without knowing what anti-nutrients are (resistant starch is an anti-nutrient), why they’re there and what they do. We’ll save that for a later post.” Then there was this great back-and-forth on Mark’s Daily Apple.

Luckily, I found tons to support the intake of RS from a number of other sources, so I kept looking.

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Mineral Balances and Lean Bodies — Hypothesis?

— Sometimes Discoveries are Made Where You’re Not Looking Let’s start off with an intriguing thought to ponder. The rationale behind this approach will soon become apparent. Many of you are likely familiar with the concept that embarking on a low-carb diet—be it a standard low-carb, ketogenic, or carnivore variation—often results in a significant and…

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Here Goes Everything As The World Burns

— My Customary Holiday Cheeriness Turned to Production Volume I’ve always tended to produce more posts during the Holidays than at other times. Part of the reason is that customarily, it was always family time, combined with down time, and so writing and publishing posts was sort of an outlet for my natural exuberance and…

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Me Love You Long Time

The essence of the experience has been change. You go from one thing to the next as the spirit moves you. I don’t want to miss out on what’s next.

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There Is No Junk Food

I typically have 2-3 posts in draft these days. Sometimes it’s because ideas come in on top of each other so I want to at least write a few sentences or paragraphs to get started and not forget. Some of them are for the next in one of my posts series I’m doing. Other times…

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Eww Gut Bugs Chapter 2 — The Collaboration

Chapter 1 Chapter 3 A Collaboration Roughly a year before Tim Steele and I began this writing project, he showed up in the comments of my blog at touting something that became known as “The Potato Hack.” You may recall from media reports sometime back that a gentleman by the name of Chris Voigt……...

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I Got Stuck In A Rut

The good thing for me is that these occasional ruts are good for me.

It’s not the first time and will not be the last. It happens out of the blue, when I find myself wondering what the fuck I’m doing.

And ironically, it comes about six weeks since I made the radical move to turn this into a Members’ blog after 18 years of publicly-available content. I was prepared at the outset to call it off, but the memberships come in daily, still. And it’s to the point where it’s viable (a guy even paid me a year’s subscription in Bitcoin yesterday, marking a first). All that’s left to do is steadily grow the membership. Proof of concept is done.

But I have a nagging problem. Sure, for as long as I’ve been around, there will certainly be a number who will sign up because—for better or worse—they just happen to enjoy my style and are willing to pay to keep getting it. But when does that dry up? I’m not at the level of paid membership I want to be and excitedly, a million paid members is pretty much as easy to manage with my digital tools as is 1,000—99.9999% runs automated and Stripe as a payment processor is phenomenal after I’ve hated and loathed every CC processor I ever had before, in various businesses. Somewhere in-between is where my sweet spot lies.

I’m well aware that I occupy a one-off sort of niche that nobody else can believably copy. At the same time, part of that is that I exert zero effort in really reach-out self-promotion. It’s always a “you come to me” promotion, which is low effort. I’m just mindful of appearing to be a cheap and disgusting word-whore spewing bullshit meaningless promises for the consumption of fools and morons—people whose money I don’t even want.

So, enough of my inner conflicts.

What have I resolved?

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Now For Members Only

Many have said that I ought to have done this a long time ago, including my best ex-wife. Maybe getting to 5,000 total posts in 18 years of toil over this thing gives me more justification that most—those who want to razzle, dazzle, and lie to get to Six Figures in 3 Months!!! Only $499…

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Is it Time to Turn Back My Attention to Weight Loss?

No matter where in the world you look—no matter which gender, which race, which culture, which geographical area, which standard diet—there is only one thing of which you may be absolutely certain:

Not one of any list list you can contrive, on average, is getting leaner, fitter, more healthy.

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What Ketotard Chronicles Is, and Is Not

I guess it’s time for me to spell out some shit. First of all, my motivation for starting this group was—rather than be some advocate for a particular way of doing diets that produce ketones as by-products of resultant fat loss—I wanted to shine a spotlight on the general retardedness, purveying of dietary magic, and the…

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Tom Naughton Wants Jimmy Moore To Have His Cake and Eat It Too

Tom Naughton, of Fat Head documentary fame, is a pretty sharp and clever guy, which makes this post so bizarre. He’s a former successful stand-up comedian—PG Rated—an entrepreneur software developer, and is tenacious enough to write, film, and produce his own successful documentary which is still relevant in a number of ways. So what gives,…

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