Resistant Starch: What’s The Latest?

— From Fart Powder to Cancer Prevention: The Journey of Resistant Starch “Uncover the surprising health benefits of resistant starch, a natural component in everyday foods. From potential cancer prevention to blood sugar control and weight management, this comprehensive review of latest research explores how you can easily incorporate resistant starch into your diet for…

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Sunday Scribbles #16

— AI Be Woke; AI Be Biased; Fully Integrated Honesty; Psychopath; Anonymous Quotations; Fascism and Corporatism; Food; A Video Greetings from Pratamnak Hill, Chonburi, Thailand, on Sunday, June 18, 2023. Published Posts and Downloads Here’s what’s been published since Thursday Jots & Tittles #6. Good (and Bad) Stuff What a week! Loved it. (Again… I…

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Ironically, The Inuit Show That The Keto Diet is Bullsh*t — They Genetically Adapted Against It

As most readers know, some months back, a collaborator came to me with some interesting findings in terms of research he’d discovered concerning what’s commonly called “animal fiber” (bits of animals that can feed the microbiome). This led to more digging and the understanding that when animals are eaten fresh, raw or frozen, many contain…

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Mask Mandates: Huge Data In. Laughing My A*s Off.

Dumb sheep about covers it.

The weird thing—actually, criminal…but nobody will ever be prosecuted, much less executed for their crimes against billions which would be justice (we don’t do justice, anymore)—is that the jab companies destroyed their own control groups who were participating in the clinical trials.

The justification given is that this shot was so damn effective and important (we now know that was a bald-faced lie and it’s neither…and in some cases debilitating or deadly) that it would be unethical to not instanter give the real thing to the placebo control group.

So, tracks covered, it was time to just get on with the hyper-politicization, the hyper-marketing, the hyper-cheering, the hyper-politicization, the hyper-coercion, the hyper-lies, the hyper punishments, the hyper-shaming, the hyper-virtue-signalling, the… hyper-hype.

So, without an actual control group, what do you do?

You create one by enlisting 300K participants and then carefully select 18,500 out of those to be most representative of the general population.

That’s what you do, since our Governmental and BigCorp Fascist Bedfellow Institutions are morally bankrupt and generally evil to the their core with no possibility of any redemption.


By creating a vastly diverse control group and having them answer questions monthly—compiling the data and then having it analyzed by a multinational independent group of professionals—we can get clues, in spite of inherent limitations in observational studies, because of the enormity of the dataset.

What The Data Covers

  • Geographic Distribution of the Unvaccinated Communities
  • Age Group and Gender
  • Top Reasons for Not Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines
  • Physical and Mental Health Status of the Unvaccinated Cohort
    • COVID-19 infection before survey
    • COVID-19 infection during five month period
    • Severe illness situation of the infected respondents
  • Self-administration of Vitamins and Medicines
  • Mask-wearing Situation of Infected Respondents
  • Discrimination Faced by Unvaccinated Control Group
  • Job Losses for Participants of Working Age [You won’t believe the holy-shit figures from Down Under]
  • Mental Health Status of the Unvaccinated Cohort

While my focus with this post is mask-centric—for vitriolic scorn-heaping and shame-foisting opportunities—I’ll also summarize the other data points for your convenience.

And oh, did you catch my massive 8,000-word post on Vladimir Putin’s Historic Speech? Doc Michael Eades just told me the it was a real “stem-winder,” which I had to look up.

US, mid-late 19th century, originally referring to then-recent stem-wind watches (invented in 1840s, commercialized initially 1850s by Patek Philippe & Co.). These were expensive, top-notch watches, hence generalized (1892) to “top-notch”, particularly applied to speeches, or to the orator in question. Non-speech senses later fell out of use. Nuance of “rousing” speech possibly by analogy with watch being wound up (“tighten by winding, excite, rouse”).

Tim Steele (of resistant starch and potato hack fame) and I have our first complete disagreement in comments…like 180 degrees different. Oh, well. It’s cordial, of course.

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Improvements To That May Tickle Your Fancy

I have a longtime friend, where, our relationship began as business associates. 1993; nearly 30 years ago. Today, we still exchange emails and he’s a paid subscriber to this blog.

Way back, he was in the business opportunity business. I bought his basic book on debt negotiation for $89 out of the $200 I had to my name at the time. And I turned that initial knowledge—simple enough to execute immediately—into a company that eventually reached 30 employees and $3 million in annual revenue. I got the book on a Friday, read it and created my forms and agreements over the weekend, and landed my first client with a $300 retainer on Monday. I was under survival pressure.

I would go on to make more than $20,000 working for that 1st client over the ensuing 2-3 years.

…Along the way in the early years, my friend held annual business conferences and I attended them all. In one speech he gave at one of those conferences, he referenced a phrase that clicked with me and I’ve regarded it as the way I do business ever since.

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The Story Of My Financial Collapse

That’s an email I received early morning my time today, from Mark.

Self explanatory.

It was in reply to the final thing. This is where I have completed all arrangements on my end and forward the necessary documents. He asked if that was it, I replied.

Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa is a very special place. Go ahead. Click the link and be fucking amazed. I own a piece of that. I have a modest page here on the blog specific to my listings.

…Beatrice, my wife in 2012, thought we ought to go to Baja for a week on New Years, 2013. She arranged a 2-night stay in another timeshare we owned, Worldmark, Cabo San Lucas, and then a stay in La Paz in a private villa thing her sister had been to, and recommended.

The serendipitous thing is that the flight from Tijuana to Cabo (yea, we walked across the border and flew domestic), was a late-night arrival and we got suckered into a free ride, so long as we would attend a presentation the next morning—but along with the promise of an excellent, sea-front buffet breakfast. We were tired and I was in a whatever mode.

I always do what I say I’ll do—the most essential man-standard there is and the biggest difference in genders—so was out there at 7am and the transportation was on time. The setting for the breakfast was fucking impressively unbelievable. I’ve done this sort of thing before. This was the difference between staying in a Motel 6 and The Four Seasons (did that latter once too, Las Vegas, met George Foreman, and yes, his intoxicating smile is genuine).

Scott was there to greet and welcome us and this guy is a fucking great salesman. A friend to this day. He led us, but let the greatness of the property speak for itself. So.

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The Great Reckoning Was Greatly Exaggerated Until Now

Then follows a sales pitch, and if you’ve ever followed market, trading, or investment advice, there’s a GREAT RECKONING!!! every few months at the very minimum and if it’s not a general one, then it’s in a niche like gold stocks, tech stocks, or whatever.

I’ve seen the hype over decades.


The last Great Reckoning was the Great Depression of 1929, when you had common folks liquidating all assets and lined up in literal soup lines. We’re just over 90 years from that and in terms of economic downturns and recessions, nothing has really come close. Even WWII didn’t come close, ending up a financial boon that ushered in unprecedented national prosperity for decades. America had tightened belts and already lived frugally, many died, but it brought so many job opportunities that even little ladies were taught to fly all species of military aircraft, including the fighters, ferrying them to where they needed to be for eventual delivery.

…It has also been quite a while since global communication went global, rudimentary as it was for a long time.

How do you integrate all of that? Well, by 1928, humans had the technological ability to communicate rapidly across the seas by telephone, likely a one-off skit at the time—I don’t envision anyone just picking up the phone and dialing Europe. Compare that, in contrast, to a factory in the UK that gets a purchase order via ship in the 1800s and has to risk a lot in the dark to produce the products, package, and put on a ship; and he’s not really assured that the purchaser on the other end is even still there—or economically viable to pay—anymore. And then payment takes another month to get back. Risky as hell. Insurance must have been crazy expensive if even available.

…It would be interesting, if available, to analyze trans-Atlantic communications via rudimentary telegram during the 1929 Crash from August to October and then ensuing years. Was the actual telephone used a lot by then? I doubt it but don’t know for sure. One thing can be certain, however, and it would be that all communications were official and filtered as to political imperatives, because nothing ever changes in that regard and communications across national boundaries were surely A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY!!!

My own gut feeling is that as communication got better globally, faulty or even misleading information became far less important as bandwidth and speed got better. I think that humans tend to default to “well, that’s the best information we have,” and then do their best with it. But that introduces the exacerbating problem of investment. If you later get new information after already investing time, resources, and political capital into the old information, one might be motivated to stick it out to see if it sticks anyway. Reelection draws nigh.

In general, advances in global communication in terms of speed and bandwidth (amount of information) has helped bankers, investors, and businesses to all take on less risk, avoid total busts, make decisions that require less cost, financing, and insurance. This trickles down to the employees, their personal stability, and the longevity of their benefits and pensions.

It’s good stuff.

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Eww Gut Bugs Chapter 3 — Your Second Brain

Previous: Eww Gut Bugs Chapter 2 — The Collaboration Humans are good at metaphor. It’s better than that. They’re masters. They’re the only animals who do it, who make them up, understand, and use them to communicate at deeper levels of understanding, thereby creating literature that has moved civilizations. How often, when you say, “you…

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The Definitive Case For Deleting Social Media

Introduction On the 20-year Anniversary of 9/11, I made the decision to delete the social media accounts I actively used for years: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No, I didn’t just disable them, I deleted them. Of course, in hopes that you will relent and just log back in, you can undo it, just like that.…

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Is it Time to Turn Back My Attention to Weight Loss?

No matter where in the world you look—no matter which gender, which race, which culture, which geographical area, which standard diet—there is only one thing of which you may be absolutely certain:

Not one of any list list you can contrive, on average, is getting leaner, fitter, more healthy.

If you like 50.1% of what I do around here, then please support the work to the tune of a couple of coffees worth per month. When you do, certain benefits are unlocked like access to member-only posts, paid downloads, and unlimited use of the GPT-4o baased chatbot, Zon.

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Oil-Free Air-Fryer Chicken Wings (Bonus: With Fries)

Buffalo Wings are a pretty dumb thing to eat much or very often. Take the fattiest part of the chicken, with skin, deep fry it in fat, toss it in a sugar-laden sauce, then dip it in a 100% fat sauce like blue cheese dressing. Here’s a better way, though for ketotarded morons it doesn’t have…

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Arthur De Vany on Facebook; 1985 Paleo

For years and years, people have been asking me, “where is Art De Vany?” Right here. Take an old narrative, make money and prestige off of it, then defend how right and just you were from the beginning, for the rest of your life. I generally laugh at the idea. Sure, perhaps you’re Einstein and…

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Tim Steele’s Resistant Starch Testing Project

Those who’ve been around for a while might recall the time, years ago, when Tim and I set out to introduce Resistant Starch to the diet and health world, beyond the scant mentions here and there prior. In all, we collaborated on over 100 posts on the general topic on this blog, and in addition,…

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Coming Very Soon: Tribal Prebiotic

I could not be more pleased than to finally tell you about this, available soon, exclusively through It’s from Karl Seddon, inventor and manufacturer of Elixa Probiotic, of which we’ve talked about so much over the last couple of years. It’s Tribal Prebiotic. You may recall that nearly two years ago—and after chewing on…

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