BLUF: All Killer, No Filler

I am a lifetime member of I chose this blog over similar subscription-based content because Richard Nikoley has a keen bullshit detector. He picks up on subtle changes that signal something is coming, and provides data to support his arguments. I appreciate his direct and blunt writing style, with all rough edges and sharp corners intact. That isn’t to say he is without bias. For one to say they are unbiased is to say one is full of shit, something Richard is not. My biases tend to align with his, but FreeTheAnimal is not an echo chamber. I’ve changed my perspective more than once after reading a post and following through to its sources. One more thing I appreciate about Richard is his total ownership. On the rare occasion he gets something wrong, he owns it. Period. Integrity like that is hard to find. I’m not going to blow sunshine, but when I see something in the news, FreeTheAnimal is my first stop for more in-depth analysis.