Illuminates Politics

I’ve been a trial lawyer for a while in commercial litigation. I’ve worked with lots of good lawyers and great legal minds.

Rich impresses me in the same way. His profound understanding of constitutional and commercial law, combined with his ability to dissect the political sphere, sets him apart as a true philosopher of law. I’m not joking.

I think it’s part of what enables him to accurately predict and analyze the ever-evolving dance between the left and the right, legal issues and their impact on society. To see what the future probably brings, and it’s uncanny how often he’s right about big stuff, and the courage it takes when everybody is saying the opposite.

He cuts through the nonsense, providing us with a clearer view of things and when I feel I disagree, I know it’s time to check my biases and understand why I feel that way and usually, sure enough.

This has happened too many times to count over the years.