RN is an animal

I’m a little older than Richard, but we have witnessed changes in the world that are similar. RN did not experience drills hiding under your desk at school or air raid sirens going off weekly during the cold war. But Richard understands war and human behaviors. He is an open, almost “raw” animal, willing to speak his mind. He doesn’t really care what you think. But I happen to see the world much as he does. Call it confirmation bias. Some of Richard’s work is painful to read. It is honest. Richard would likely disagree with me just for sport. I am a certified Enneagram Teacher (Palmer/Daniels) who knows an 8 because I am an 8. Likely Richard as well. If you know 8, it’s easy to understand. You’re an 8, ahhh, urinate – you guys are real pissers. You need to appreciate a little more fear. Your time will be well spent looking at Richard’s work.