Things you would have known…

Richard is known for calling his shots, often way before it is apparent to most. His most essential prognosis was that all democrats are evil 20 years ago – stated long before the current craziness went full-blown. Like many of his predictions, I thought he had gone too far. This was certainly just hyperbole in trying to get a point across. Like many times before, he was right, and just so early that I couldn’t see it. This is often the case – if you disagree with Richard, then he is likely exposing a flaw in your thought process – or verbally kicking you in the teeth, as Richard might say.

Things you would have known back in the day if you just listened to Richard:

  • Leftists should be avoided (2005)
  • Carbs are not evil (2012)
  • Bitcoin is worth your time to learn about (2014)
  • Covid is a laugh, you are not at risk of anything (early 2020)
  • They aren’t even vaccines and they’re bullshit (late 2020)

Note how obvious each are now. These things were controversial or taboo to some at the time. RN was not afraid to lose followers in his search for absolute truth.

Richard wants to offend you because his ultimate goal is for you to lose restful sleep, so you’ll stop being so fucking stupid.

“We are all wrong, the goal is only to be less wrong over time.” Words to live by. What stubborn person do you know that will not change their mind? How obviously wrong are they? Nobody embodies this axiom more so than Richard. That is why his perspective is essential. Thanks to chatbot Zon I was able to find this quote which I had partially remembered ever since 2015. An all-timer to be sure.