Let’s Get This Right, Shall We?

I'm hearing altogether too much nonsense all around regarding the Kelo decision by the Supreme Court the other day. I posted about it, here. Yesterday, I saw Billy Beck point to this, an Institute for Justice scorecard on the number of new eminent domain actions to transfer property from one private entity to another since the Supreme Court decision. My question is: where have you been? If the end result is that I'm forced to sell my home that my grandfather built and I was raised in, for $X.00, against my will, then what in the hell do I care that they're running a freeway through the place, erecting a baseball stadium so some future president can make a few mil, or putting in a new shopping mall? And why do you care about such meaningless distinctions? Both Billy Beck and Greg Swann had perfectly right-on posts on this. Here's Greg: The implication in the blowfly swarm seems to be that the families in New London would be better off had they been expropriated for a fire station or a feminist history monument. The problem is not 'just compensation.' The problem is not 'cui bono?' The problem is the doctrine...

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