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Chatbot Zon

(See the section below “Chatbot Prompts” for the inside scoop.)

I have made available unlimited access to ChatGPT-4 through the OpenAI API. This is the version that costs $20 per month by subscription with OpenAI, so a significant benefit for your membership here.

There are four versions of the bot, accessed here:

Chatbot Zon Dialogs

If you’re interested in the background development to get these things up and running, or to learn a bit about how best to use them, it’s all spelled out here.

Because the bot is connected to the blog, it has taken on a bit of a personality with members. Here’s an example screenshot from the logs (so no formatting), in response to me.

It can be a lot of fun to interact with, once you get the hang of how to treat it.

Chatbot Prompts

For all the stuff you have heard, are hearing, and are going to hear about AI, take it from a self-taught expert deep diver: 99% of AI is how you, human, interface with AI Tools; and how you interface to use your language (just about any will do); and how that’s currently done is through what are called “prompts,” which can be thought of, broadly, as wishes, requests, questions, or instructions, etc.

Here’s the rub: you aren’t talking to a dog, or even a robot. You’re talking to an entity of some sort that has been meticulously trained—with stars-in-the-sky-like trillions of pieces of data—in your language, with all its lingoes, metaphors, inside jokes, references, innuendo, styles, variants, and sub variants that exist. Literary wise, ChatGPT has an estimated IQ of 165 currently.

In short, it knows your language already far better and more comprehensively than you ever will.

The key is to develop your art in conversing with it. And what I mean by that is to approach it in the same way you would learn and practice becoming proficient on a musical instrument.

Standard Prompts for Everyone

These are just the very basics, nothing special about them…just queues, really, so you know what little tasks are available. Results will be stock. That is, you’re not asking for anything special. You’ll get its default styling, or, if working with a chatbot that has a style or behavior setting (like research scientist, professor, copy editor, journalist, formal, casual, etc.) then results in that standard style).

Menu 1: Write a paragraph about this

-Write a paragraph about this: [text]
Menu 2: Summarize

-Summarize this: [text]
Menu 3: Expand

-Expand this: [text]
Menu 4: Rewrite

-Rewrite this: [text]
Menu 5: Generate ideas ant this

-Generate ideas about this: [text]
Menu 6: Make a bulleted list

-Make a bulleted list: [text]
Menu 7: Paraphrase

-Paraphrase this: [text]
Menu 8: Generate a call to action

-Generate a call to action about this: [text]
Menu 9: Correct grammar

-Correct grammar in this: [text]
Menu 10: Generate a question

-Generate a question about this: [text]
Menu 11: Suggest a title

-Suggest a title for this: [text]
Menu 12: Convert to passive voice

-Convert this to passive voice: [text]
Menu 13: Convert to active voice

-Convert this to active voice: [text]
Menu 14: Write a conclusion

-Write a conclusion for this: [text]
Menu 15: Provide a counterargument

-Provide a counterargument for this: [text]
Menu 16: Generate a quote

-Generate a quote related to this: [text]

Custom Prompts for Lifetime Members

This is where the art gets applied. This is a continually evolving, extensive list of excruciatingly exhaustive mega-prompts into the hundreds of words that get serious results…and that have already undergone hundreds of changes through hundreds of hours of trail and error testing over the last year and longer. It’s what is in current use here in the writing assistant and the chatbots, and which are available for your copy/pasting anywhere. Edit them to suit your own style at will…or develop your own, using these as a template for the sorts of instructions that work. Here’s what’s included in the below section that is only visible to logged-in lifetime members. Get access here.

Master Prompt: This is the 430-Word Master prompt for completions where your primary objective is to cure its Woke and Safety Nazi ways…and except for the very fringes, does a very good job of that. As you’ll see, it’s not about commanding it don’t be Woke or no Safety Nazi. It’s about undercutting those losing communication strategies through unbeatable, fully honest integrations of objective morality and the facts of reality (see The 114-No-Pill Advantages). This master prompt is the default instruction to Zon in all four instances of the Chatbots.

Here is the list of Custom Prompts that use the Master Prompt and other “tidbits” to accomplish completion objectives. These are in the form Menu X: Completion Objective.

  • Menu 17: Rewrite in Richard FTA style
  • Menu 18: Expand in Richard FTA style
  • Menu 19: Correct Dictation reads like spoken transcript
  • Menu 20: Correct Dictation Rewrite RN FTA Style
  • Menu 21: Correct Dictation Expand RN FTA Style
  • Menu 22: Correct Dictation reads like RN writing, not dictation; preserve tone, vitriol
  • Menu 23: Correct Dictation Expand Stock
  • Menu 24: Translate to Thai
  • Menu 25: Correct Dictation Rewrite RN FTA Style Copywriter/Persuasion
  • Menu 26: Extract and Summarize for Persuasive Copywriting
  • Menu 27: Correct Dictation reflect tone, average intelligence, expand appropriate

Putting it all together (Lifetime Members Section):

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