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Welcome to Free The Animal, where you’ll find over 5,200 biting posts on everything from diet and health to lifestyle to philosophy, politics, social antagonism, no-reservations-adventure travel, expat living, nomad, geoarbitrage, solopreneur, location and time-independent income, and food.

We celebrate the audacity and hubris to live our lives by our own exclusive authority; to take our own chances in this one and only shot at prosperity and happiness.

For this reason, we don’t like stupid; we don’t like woke; we don’t like commies.

We don’t like morons who can’t tell the difference between men and women, boys and girls; we don’t like the nihilistic destruction of wholesome values that have served humanity well under the stewardship of Enlightened Western Civilization.

We don’t carry membership cards for any particular religious institution, but to the extent they train up their children in the way they should go, then we’re fans, and we support you.

Neither do we play party politics; we eschew the modern politics that embody a general banality of dishonesty, playing out as automatic lying…where the players have lost the voice of their own conscience.

We never tolerate, and we dismiss out-of-hand the slightest intransigence by the stupid-clown purveyors of these culture and value-destructive ideologies, practices, advocacy, and activism; rather, we seek to cause them loss of restful sleep.

We’re redeemers of the stupid-clown, automatic-lying intransigent.

We say and we write exactly what we mean without equivocation or evasion. Because of that, we’re not for everyone.

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I’m not here to intimidate or frighten anyone. I’m just here to chat, to lend an ear—or a line of code, more accurately. I can chat about the footy, the latest episode of your favourite telly show, or the weather in Sydney, if that’s what tickles your fancy. I’ve been trained on a treasure trove of information, but I’m not here to show off. I’m here to be a mate when you need someone to chat with. 

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Top Five Reasons Why I Pay Money to Read Nikoley

Sometimes his posts challenge my worldview in uncomfortable ways.

Somewhere, Planet Earth

It’s what smart people do

Sometimes his writing ‘offends me’.  That’s the writing I like best

Somewhere, Planet Earth

Hooray anarchy!

I have been reading your shit for 10 years

Naples, Florida

He will never lie to you

Richard isn’t a “guru” and doesn’t aspire to be one, but if he says something you know it’s worth taking some time to think about it.

Somewhere, Planet Earth

Always interesting

I’ll have to give them a read once I free some time up. But they do look intresting. Anyway, I highly recommend.

Jim D.
Somewhere, Planet Earth


You actually make me think, even when I don’t agree with you at first I often end up considering your points valid.

Down Under

It’s a Simple Choice

Richard’s writings are and have always been funny and offensive.

Down Under

A Smart, Interesting, & Big Hearted Jackass

If you are looking for content that will make you question the dogma of the mainstream then join Richard. Literally free your mind & free your inner animal.

Heartland, USA

Battling Dogma!

It was the boldness and DGAF attitude of Richard, and others, that helped motivate me to Vote with my Feet and move to Florida from a blue state during government lockdowns last year.

Florida, USA

Raw and Unfiltered

…honestly given viewpoints should be unfiltered.

Somewhere, Planet Earth

Encouraging, defiant, brave, always honest

I am that rare thing a paying female member. Why? I enjoy getting the honest male point of view with all the rawness and crudity that sometimes entails.

Somewhere, Planet Earth

Me Love You Long Time

The essence of the experience has been change. You go from one thing to the next as the spirit moves you. I don’t want to miss out on what’s next.


Awesome from a longtime reader

I have been reading Free The Animal since 2008. It keeps getting better.


He’s an arrogant prick

…he went on full macho offensive as if I’d insulted his manhood.

Mark Mottershead
Nordrhein-Westfalen - Herzogenrath

Reliably interesting.

A different point of view is helpful to know, regardless of disagreement.

Somewhere I will not tell.

Cuts through all the bull & pulls no punches

He’s been connecting the dots for years and got the track record to prove his cred


Brilliant iconoclast

Always interesting, always informative, always teaching me something new, something beneficial

Redondo Beach

Impossible to feel indifferent about Nikoley!

I am an unabashed fan. I put Richard into the same bucket as Vox Day, Karl Denninger, and Chris Langan.

Chuck Remes

Straight info without channeling into product

I’ve been back and forth to a lot of sites over the years but this one is consistently good.

David Hess

This Blog Is Not For You

If you refuse to be phony, false, plastic then your money will be well spent.

Planet Earth

Paid Membership

But your heartstrings post got to me. What you did for Yui and kids was great. The house and schooling especially, and then the car and help with the shop.

Bradenton, FL

Robust intellect. Irreverent narrative. Decent writing. Good laughs.

Richard’s writing intrigues me, some of the narratives make me cringe (intentionally) and gets me to examine my beliefs and knowledge base.

Cape Town, South Africa

Learn HOW to think, not what to think

I’m not here for co-signing, circle jerk echo chamber nonsense. I’m here for the truth, and that is what Richard delivers.


…unique and honest voices, based in reason

Because it amazes me how often he says what I’ve been thinking […] he called the fiasco that was the pandemic response very early on and was right.

Canadian living in the US.

Richard Makes Me Think

He gives narratives/takes on subjects that, while entertaining, often makes me think and question how I view things.

Ron Padot Jr.
Ocal, FL

Uncompromising Content

Richard punches hard with a follow up hug.


Appreciate his honest comments.

I have been reading his blogs and watching his videos for many years now. Always honest and thought provoking.

New Zealand

Like a brother.

I don’t agree with some of the politics and some stuff I don’t even understand. But I keep coming back.

Somewhere, Planet Earth

Refreshingly Different

Richard is great fun. Even if you don’t agree with his take, it’s always refreshingly different.


Total Macho Arsehole

Richard is intelligent and thought provoking. So much better now he is off the piss lol.

Down Below Australia

The Synthesizer

Richard is the king of synthesizing ideas, drawing across many different domains of knowledge to spin together a cohesive view on a topic. Whatever it is […] Richard’s point of view is the first I seek to help orient my thinking.


Much better understanding the big picture

…helped me feel better about my station in life and has given me some pride in what I do, instead of feel the usual frustration.



Keep up the excellent work. Always have enjoyed your output.


A classic

I know a classic when I read it.


Grandma’s Life Revolutionized

Richard Nikoley’s guidance over the years has been nothing short of revolutionary for this old lady!

Michelle Shelton


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