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Welcome to Free The Animal—individuality and independent thinking to an advanced degree, where what others think of you is none of your business. 

Are you tired of conforming to societal norms, or having your thoughts spoon-fed by others—so-called experts? Do you yearn for a space that values logic, rational thought, and individual agency?

“I’ve been reading your work since the early days. One of a kind, really.” — Jim, a Member

Free The Animal is not just another blog, website, or platform.

Membership isn’t for everyone. Membership isn’t even for most, a substantial minority, or even a sector of the population. It’s not for a niche.

It’s for an exclusive minority who meet a few essential criteria.

It’s a: you-have-it-or-you-don’t kind of thing.

… It’s a hangout for free-thinkers and truth-seekers with standards…who don’t happen to be fringe weirdos. Here, we challenge mainstream narratives, uncover purposefully-hidden truths, and most importantly, champion personal, independent authority. 

Our members are mavericks who value their intellectual independence above all else. They’re people who dare to think for themselves; people who aren’t afraid to question the status quo. People who, in fact, embrace laughing at the status quo.

… People who, when seeing that everyone is saying the same thing, sense profoundly that everyone is wrong. Or, if half are saying one thing and the other half, the opposite thing: yep…they’re both wrong.

But we’re also people of action. This isn’t a place for mental masturbation over “this thing or that thing is wrong; it’s the key!” There are plenty of lumberjacks hacking at branches, limbs, trees, and groves.

We examine whole forests.

If this resonates with you, then maybe you belong here.

Your subscription isn’t charity—it’s an investment in your intellectual freedom that pays regular dividends through content that is always one of a kind.

As a Member, you’ll get:

  • Unlimited access to over 5 million words spread across 5,200 posts spanning two decades.
  • An interactive AI tool, ChatGPT-4, that’s plugged into every post and enhances your browsing experience…but can also be used for any of your personal or business projects.
  • Exclusive videos that delve into hard-hitting topics.
  • Free unlimited access to all paid e-book with license to distribute them on a close and personal basis.
  • A Members-Only Discord Server where members share ideas via text, image, screen, audio, or video…live and in real time. It’s just cool.
  • An amazing 114-Lesson, 5-Per-Week, 6-Month Online Course called “No-Matrix / No-Pill” that’s currently running through the entire second-half of 2023. It will completely deprogram you and rejuvenate your mind. That will unleash you to achieve the prosperity and happiness that is natural for any human being.

These 114 Deprogramming and Rejuvenating Advantages will be published each Monday through Friday, at 08:00 Eastern US time, until completion around the New Year—a perfect priming for you to kick off your New 2024 like you’ve never done a new year before. For the very first time, you will know exactly what’s going on around you at all times, the reasons behind all events, and their future trajectory.

… By tapping into this No-Matrix, No-Pill approach that only a select few possess. You will outmaneuver and outcompete all others at will. You’ll win whenever you want to. It will always be up to you.

And most importantly, new content on nearly a daily basis. Do the math. Over the 20 years of this writing endeavor, 5,200 posts comes to about a post every day and a half. That’s 4-5 new posts every week, consistently, over 20 years…and written by me except for a small handful of guest posts by invitation.

What’s more? You get insights from me, Richard Nikoley—an ex-Navy officer turned entrepreneur with experience spanning the globe, from living in Japan to France to Mexico to Thailand…with much travel to everywhere else in the world.

“His wisdom is distilled in his writing—ready for you to absorb and apply.” — Lynn, a Member

What’s his style?

A sort of measured, condescending, misanthropic, and iconoclast manner—though often deadly serious and intellectual. No cutesy, common slogans stuff, or silly similes and references. Rule of thumb: if a Sons of Anarchy biker-gang member wouldn’t like it, it’s not funny.

Who’s he talking to?

People who always think for themselves. Not woke, not followers, not fanboys, not yes men, not yes girls. They are a bit curmudgeonly, cynical, and misanthropic. They like old-fashioned, rational values. They have zero problem telling the difference between men and women. Very likely they thought covid was bullshit and the vaccines were a scam.

What’s he doing?

Persuading people to take full authority and agency for themselves through thinking rationally, logically, and objectively…given the nature of humanity (and of men and women) and of their own real experience…and not what they’ve been told, trained, taught, and indoctrinated to do by a slew of [false] authorities in society. That to achieve success, prosperity, happiness, and passionate love in life, they must first assert their own individuality to establish their own values, principles, and standards and then be free to work hard within that framework, and not some framework determined by others.

But remember: Free The Animal isn’t about telling you what you should think or do—it’s about helping you determine what NOT to think and do. This isn’t a place that offers quick fixes or empty promises; but practical wisdom rooted in honesty and authenticity.

Join today if:

  • You believe no human authority exists outside yourself.
  • You want to hone your skills as an automatic lie-detector.
  • You’re a polymath seeking unconventional solutions.
  • You want tools that’ll help predict future trends based on facts and logical reasoning.

Here’s what some of our existing members have said about FreeTheAnimal and me, Richard Nikoley:

Top Five Reasons Why I Pay Money

Sometimes his posts challenge my worldview in uncomfortable ways.

It’s what smart people do

Sometimes his writing ‘offends me’.  That’s the writing I like best

Hooray anarchy!

I have been reading your shit for 10 years

He will never lie to you

Richard isn’t a “guru” and doesn’t aspire to be one, but if he says something you know it’s worth taking some time to think about it.

Always interesting

I’ll have to give them a read once I free some time up. But they do look interesting. Anyway, I highly recommend.


You actually make me think, even when I don’t agree with you at first I often end up considering your points valid.

It’s a Simple Choice

Richard’s writings are and have always been funny and offensive.

Smart, Interesting, Big Hearted Jackass

…content that will make you question the dogma of the mainstream. Literally free your mind & free your inner animal.

Battling Dogma!

…boldness and DGAF attitude of Richard…that helped motivate me to Vote with my Feet and move to Florida.

Raw and Unfiltered

…honestly given viewpoints should be unfiltered.

Encouraging, defiant, brave, always honest

I am that rare thing a paying female member. Why? I enjoy getting the honest male point of view with all the rawness and crudity that sometimes entails.

Me Love You Long Time

The essence of the experience has been change. You go from one thing to the next as the spirit moves you. I don’t want to miss out on what’s next.

Awesome from a longtime reader

I have been reading Free The Animal since 2008. It keeps getting better.

He’s an arrogant prick

…he went on full macho offensive as if I’d insulted his manhood.

Reliably interesting.

A different point of view is helpful to know, regardless of disagreement.

Cuts through all the bull & pulls no punches

He’s been connecting the dots for years and got the track record to prove his cred

Brilliant iconoclast

Always interesting, always informative, always teaching me something new, something beneficial

Impossible to feel indifferent about Nikoley!

I am an unabashed fan. I put Richard into the same bucket as Vox Day, Karl Denninger, and Chris Langan.

Straight info without channeling into product

I’ve been back and forth to a lot of sites over the years but this one is consistently good.

This Blog Is Not For You

If you refuse to be phony, false, plastic then your money will be well spent.

Paid Membership

…heartstrings post got to me. What you did for Yui and kids was great. The house and schooling especially, and then the car and help with the shop.

Robust intellect. Irreverent narrative. Good laughs.

…intrigues me, some narratives make me cringe (intentionally) and gets me to examine my beliefs and knowledge base.

Learn HOW to think, not what to think

I’m not here for co-signing, circle jerk echo chamber nonsense. I’m here for the truth, and that is what Richard delivers.

…unique, honest, based in reason

Because it amazes me how often he says what I’ve been thinking […] he called the fiasco that was the pandemic response very early on and was right.

Richard Makes Me Think

He gives narratives/takes on subjects that, while entertaining, often makes me think and question how I view things.

Uncompromising Content

Richard punches hard with a follow up hug.

Appreciate his honest comments.

I have been reading his blogs and watching his videos for many years now. Always honest and thought provoking.

Like a brother.

I don’t agree with some of the politics and some stuff I don’t even understand. But I keep coming back.

Refreshingly Different

Richard is great fun. Even if you don’t agree with his take, it’s always refreshingly different.

Total Macho Arsehole

Richard is intelligent and thought provoking. So much better now he is off the piss lol.

The Synthesizer

The king of synthesizing ideas across many domains of knowledge to spin together a cohesive view on a topic. Richard’s point of view is the first I seek to help orient my thinking.

Understanding the big picture

…helped me feel better about my station in life and has given me some pride in what I do, instead of feel the usual frustration.


Keep up the excellent work. Always have enjoyed your output.

A classic

I know a classic when I read it.

Grandma’s Life Revolutionized

Richard Nikoley’s guidance over the years has been nothing short of revolutionary for this old lady!

Your $5,000 Post

“…worth 10x the amount that you charge for lifetime membership.”

Richard thanks for your insight

“thanks for your insight over the years”

First written anything on this blog

Richard always keeps me on my toes, his breadth of knowledge is at times intimidating

Richard has great instincts

He has that “spidey sense” when it comes to the big picture stuff.

You Nailed Those

I read the 98 posts on COVID in which you were 100% correct.

Unwavering Quest for Truth

…unwavering commitment to truth and transparency. He’s not one to shy away from calling out the nonsense and BS that permeate global society.

cyberspace says this and i agree.

Richard has consistently been ahead of the game, foreseeing breakthroughs and developments in health, wellness, politics, and beyond before they hit the mainstream.

Silent Revolution of Truth

Richard possesses this ability to penetrate the veils of deception, exposing the fallacies that have become ingrained in our collective consciousness.

Unmasking Universal Untruths

Richard Nikoley, wielded an almost supernatural ability to peer into the future and unmask the nonsense that so many blindly accepted as truth.

Straight Talk No Spin

Richard’s no-nonsense approach cuts through the BS like a hot knife

Nourishes My Family and Soul

His masculine approach to health and nutrition resonates with me, as it aligns with the values my husband and I hold.

BLUF: All Killer, No Filler

On the rare occasion he gets something wrong, he owns it. Period. Integrity like that is hard to find.

On the Cusp of intuition

His vast knowledge and experience are worth hearing about to add value to your own life!!

Nails the Nuances of Obesity

I work in the obesity field at a PhD level. His understanding of the multifaceted and multifactorial nature of obesity and weight loss is substantial

Illuminates Politics

Sees what the future probably brings…uncanny how often he’s right about big stuff, and the courage it takes when everybody is saying the opposite.

Richard is a preternatural father-figure.

I’ve followed you since Paleo. You’re always ahead the curve, whatever the topic. It’s your gung fu.

Things you would have known…

Things you would have known back in the day if you just listened to Richard:

I decided to buy a membership as a thank you

The world needs voices speaking up loudly to point out where the emperor is wearing no clothes, and you do that.

I wanted to reach out to express my appreciation

I was so intrigued that I bookmarked your site for future reference.

Richard’s wild ride through life

Why do we keep coming back for more? It’s simple: Richard is unapologetically himself. … He’ll never deceive you or sell you out for a quick buck.

A Rare Bird

Richard is one of those people, that’s why I subscribe.

RN is an animal

Some of Richard’s work is painful to read. It is honest.

The Real Deal

I’ve been an eager consumer of Richard’s explorations of the galaxy for about 15 years now. In that time, I’ve found him to be an insatiable pursuer of truth and a brilliant narrator of his experiences along the way.

The Real Deal

I’ve been an eager consumer of Richard’s explorations of the galaxy for about 15 years now. In that time, I’ve found him to be an insatiable pursuer of truth and a brilliant narrator of his experiences along the way. Over the years I’ve seen him take a leading, pioneer role across a disparate range of topics, not limited to diet and health (Paleo early adopter), finance (crypto), politics (unbeaten election prognosticator and reader of the cultural ‘tea leaves’) and now AI and all the other stuff I didn’t mention.

The trait that most resonates with me, however, is that unwavering commitment to truth. There’s no sideshow, no agenda: only the truth, even if that means walking back a previously held position. Richard has always struck me as having unimpeachable integrity, wears his heart all the way down his sleeve, and never shies away from the action. In all honestly, there is no ‘internet personality’ I trust more.

You’re missing out if you don’t jump aboard, and you have no idea where you’ll be this time next year thanks to the stuff you’ll learn on FTA.

Cheers for everything, Richard!


August 10, 2023
Owen Leahy
Powell, WY USA

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