Membership Means Free Agency has been honed over two decades, across more than 5,500 posts, amassing over 5 million words. I wrote all of it. You’ve arrived at a labor of love, a repository of thought, and a testament to the pursuit of self-authority. We call that “agency” nowadays, and it’s what I emote more than anything else.

Read and engage here, and stuff just rubs off on you over time, even as some stuff rubs you the wrong way. For as long as it takes. Up to you. Stick around for a month, or 10 years (some have been around more than 15 and a few, since day one).

To see how I rub off on different people in different ways and, I think, facilitate some improvement in their lives, browse their testimonials.

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Other than that, no grand sales pitch or other packages of lies. Try it and if you like it, you’ll stick around and if you don’t, you’ll 1-click cancel and be gone.

Up to you…

“I’m ready to become my own free agent now, or I’m seeking new heights of self-agency.

“Furthermore, I understand that living my life exclusively on my own terms—through my own determination and drive—means I no longer have any excuses. All excuses are null, void, and invalid.

I’m taking my life back.”


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