Chatbot Zon

UPDATE May 19, 2024: Now running GPT-4o (Omni) with 2-way voice.

User Briefing

(See proof that ChatGPT-4 is already better than you in everything, and so is any human using it if you’re not using it. It’s like trying to compete with a rock band where they’re using electric guitars, and you’re sticking with acoustic because you’ve “made up your [puny] mind [inside your big head].”)

This is a simple and clean standalone page for all four instances of the OpenAI ChatGPT-4 Dialog, depending upon your needs and desires. Two main categories: connected to the FreeTheAnimal vector database, and not connected. For each of those, there are two instances, voice + text response, and text only response.

Of course, when you want information about this blog, you want the connected one. For stuff not specifically related, it will speed up your responses and avoid confusion because it’s not getting irrelevant stuff in the prompt along with your question that’s unrelated to FTA. For all dialog instances, you can type or speak, as you wish. But there’s not yet a toggle for how you want the reply, so up to you and just use the dialog that talks back, or only writes text back.

PDF document upload. You can upload a PDF document up to 120 pages and each page 1,000 words maximum. So, up to 120,000 words. It becomes part of the Pinecone Vector Database, so you can come back to it at any time in the future, and it’ll still be there. Just reference it by name, ask a good question.

First, click the PDF button next to the mic on either of the lower 2 bots (“content aware”). It will take a while. The server-side AI indexes it in the database, a page at a time. Once finished, you will get a response from Zon saying it’s uploaded, and you can ask questions. It can’t do things like “give me a summary of the whole document.” Technical reasons. It works the same way as asking questions about the blog. You ask a question, the server-side AI calculates relevant info, fetches it from the database, and passes it to Zon (GPT-4) for a response.

This is the exactly same ChatGPT-4 that OpenAI charges $20 per month to access. I have an API to it and so am charged on a meter, by the token for member use. If you’re interested in the development process for this that I undertook, you can read about it here.

UPDATE NOV 2023: We have now upgraded to ChatGPT-4 Turbo, which is HUGE. The context window goes from 8k to 128K, so your ability to prompt Chatbot Zon just went from a limit of a long-form essay to 2 average non-fiction books. Its current-events knowledge cutoff has gone from September 2021 to April 2023, so only a 6-month lag now. No effect on you but cost for me, since I pay via the OpenAI API, dropped by 3-4X.

UPDATE FEB 2024: You can now include “difficulty level” in your prompt. This is especially great for learning children. For example, “describe our solar system [1st grade].”

Not Connected to FreeTheAnimal

Text-Only Output

Voice and Text Output

Connected to FreeTheAnimal

Text-Only Output

Voice and Text Output