A Memo

To those who know what incident I'm referring to: When I say that I will not accept a lie that I know to be a lie, no matter what the cost, it is exactly what I mean. Let me boil it down for everyone. There is no value in the universe, up to an including my own life -- my most cherished value -- that is worth willfully swallowing an abject contradiction of reality that I very well know to be a contradiction of reality (a damn lie). I would quite literally rather die than pretend the truth of something I know to be false, and therefore, I am quite unconcerned with the [conveniently overblown and exaggerated] potential repercussions of the actual truth being told. This position and oath is as eternal as existence itself. It will never change. While it may feel as though I'm being overly dramatic, never forget that I live by principles, and what I'm talking about, here, with all of it's applications and historical implications, is the cornerstone of all principle and all life. Go read it, again.

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