I’m On The Radio

I honestly don’t know what to make of it, but here it is (our bit is about 30 seconds in):

What about that!?

The best I can gather is that it’s a charitable organization that promotes charitable causes they like. I’ve been busting ass for a month as nearly a sole focus and isn’t it just amazing how that the harder you work, the luckier you get?

Apparently, that will be on live streaming radio for two weeks to a month. I was simply asked for some links and summary, they did all the rest. Fucking amazing.

Will it amount to anything much? Who knows, but, for me, it’s just another sign that what I’m doing here is decently thought out, viable, reasonable, and rational. It makes sense.

…I was chewing on it this morning over coffee and ciggie and realized that I had agonized for a month over kicking it off, hundreds of mental notes and notes notes, but then I wrote it and published it in under an hour. Within just a few hours I had more than $300 and it was a sign that people were not writing it off as bullshit.

That ought to set you off from fucking it up. I am inundated with pitches from crowdfunding consultants wanting to offer services to improve it. The most common is to create one of those videos you see that frames lots of stuff out there. Maybe I’m wrong, but when I do the first video, gonna be my ugly face in the camera speaking from my heart. The second will be video of the actual store and a few interviews with the family, including the super-sweet girls.

I broke it down over that long thought process. It comes from my business experience way back: Get the meeting! Then, when you’ve got that, that’s when you start pitching, selling, and closing. Analogous to this project, it’s get the clicks. Secondarily, it’s provide an aura of legitimacy and basic “makes sense.”

But then it’s like a fire & forget, self-guided missile. Hits it’s target or it doesn’t. As the writer of this blog since 2003, of course there are some who will always do what I ask, within reason. But I had to reach beyond that and that’s the daily charge, still. And a part of that is not only the financial transparency I’ve shown but to actually show the whole process; as in, this post. I’ll be gratified if someday I hear from someone who had a serious need, did a successful charitable crowdfund, and used in-part what he or she learned here.

Once you fire and forget, it hits its target or it doesn’t. I hit the target, though with less than target destroyed! The initial donors didn’t just contribute to the project. They solidified its legitimacy, which basically means that their donations strongly engender many more donations. They are even more important to this campaign than I. And that’s how it ought to be.

Nobody wants to give to a loser, and so you need that initial “seed capital” that suggests it’s bankable in terms of seeing it through to some point of success. Then I’ve been working “hand-in-hand” with those initial donations to put that money to work and document it. Initial donations were mostly large. Many $100, $150, $200, and even a $500.

Getting to crowdfunding is the next step, as my efforts to get a whale have failed and continue to fail. Crowdfunding is where you have hundreds or thousands of people popping for a little: 5, 10, 15, 20 bucks. The power is amazing when and if it takes off. When it takes off, it’s typically viral and the project is in the can.

Welp, this is certainly the most interesting thing I’ve ever tackled. I love it and I appreciate how much I’ve learned in the process. It’s an interesting mix of adoration and frustration.

I have some other endeavors in the works that involve social media. It’s difficult because I no longer have any social media accounts.

The first of two planned video updates coming up next time. In the meantime, I’m writing perhaps the hugest post ever: The Definitive Guide For Old Dudes Becoming Attractive To Young Women (“The Formula”).

Preview pic? Sure, why not.


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