The Power Of Prayer

No, I’m not going off the rails on you.

Just a few days ago I posted an update about my project:

How It’s Going (The Thailand Clothes & Bags Shop Project)

That post was a pretty detailed endeavor where I strived to show with graphs and data how the charity funds were being spent astutely and how it ought to be done vs. giving money to large institutions, including government, who waste most of it. I also included a bit about how I had so far found it impossible to do actual crowdfunding where a lot of people give a little.

I’m so amazed with the total amount of donations for this charity project of mine which I think has been recognized by some to be how charity ought to be done. Rather than engender donations for consumption, you seek them for business activities where your donations can build and sustain. And one day, your charitable causes are themselves charitable.

That said, it cannot escape my notice that my email list is 6,500; and of those, 800 are members. 600 on the free level and 200 on paid. 45 individuals have donated and relatively, it’s impressive. On average amongst the 45, $59.

So I’m chewing on it all the time. What if 1,000 people did 10 bucks each? That’s 10k bucks and the project is in the can.

Ironically, what’s happened here isn’t really crowdfunding where a lot of people pitch in a little. It’s a few pitching in big. The most common donation is $100.

So, I’m going to keep chewing on that and record a video for my next plea.

It’s what happens next that’s interesting.

That post got me 1 single $10 donation. Obviously I’m not hitting the crowdfunding, dogpile, jump-on-the-bus chord. I don’t know why and I doubt anyone can inform me.

But it did another thing too, and that was to get a phone call from a sweet-hearted Christian woman in the US to offer a prayer for me and this project, to which I obliged and recorded.

I was so damn touched to the core of my being as a human that I had to put it out there.

I Got a Prayer Call From A Sweet-Hearted Christian-American Woman

I love it when I get my karmic comeuppance.

Ah, we live in such times of just-so hubris across all boards.

Many decades I’ve ridiculed religion and in particular, prayer, calling it “literally the least you can do.”

And yet, I find myself touched to the core of my heart because someone took the time, effort, and action to look into my projects on GoFundMe and GiveSendGo, pick up the phone, and ring me all the way over here in Thailand.

So maybe it’s not literally the least you can do.

It’s given me a crackling voice, moist eyes, a certain humility, and an everlasting resolve.

I went to bed that evening feeling a bit embarrassed that I would put that prayer call out there; being dead to rights hypocritical counting many statements over many years—and who could blame anyone for just letting me have it as a basic fake?

I wake up in the morning and there was $525 new. Even though the single $500 donation of that is anonymous on the GoFundMe campaign, the organizer (me) can send a personal thank you. I did a sort of standard wow and told her that she beat the record donation by $300. I would not have been able to know identity and email until she replied.

You’re most welcome! Your note about the prayer from the American woman kicked my butt into gear. Thank you for taking up this worthy mission (quest?). All the best, Deb

Once I had her email, I could look her up on my blog. One single comment 9 years ago over some political-current event. So I sent her a screen clip of her comment, along with this.

Well, Deb, you’ve made my day in so many ways.

I feel ashamed for my derogatory approach to religious stuff for so long. I back off, and what happens? Grace from the heart and we need a lot of heart and grace in the world these days.

Hey, here’s a 9-year-old blast from the past for you.

And then her solemn best wishes, let’s move forward.

LOL; well, I’ve always had opinions!  Thanks for your message.  Let’s hope you get a lot more donors!  I will share it but am not on the Book of Face, so it may not be the most efficient way of reaching out.

So, anyone want to argue that prayer is worthless and meaningless?

By the numbers!!! gets me ten bucks. Prayer gets me 500.

And plus: The numbers make for a viable and sound project.

Perhaps that’s why prayer works on the back end.

Doesn’t God help the man who helps himself?

…But there’s one more thing. How it affected Yui. She has renewed stink on shit and is starting to tell me what she’s going to do. I sent a text last night, How is my sexy businesswoman? Got no reply and so at 2am, sent a follow-on: Well, good night then…

I wake up at 7.00 to a pic of the two girls sleeping soundly at 3.08 in our bed, wake up to pee.

Later, after the obligatory good mornings, the girls are off to school, and she’s on the road to work on the store so we can get it open, I get the sexy businesswoman.

No Bullshit

Now, because of her character, when I reply sexy businesswoman, she stops the car to prove me a little bit right, but a little bit wrong. You’ll notice that filter enhancement in the boob area. It’s 2 1/2 years I tell her that I prefer small.

Oh My Buddha

What a cause to support, eh?

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