How To Do An Old-Man DicPic To a Young Thai Woman

Males have a pretty decent advantage over females in how our genitals age. It’s the brunt of jokes but, I always take pause because they are the bearers of children. Bearing children wreaks havoc on a pussy’s loveliness. A dude like me can fuck a thousand women over decades and his erect dick looks the same…glorious!

This natural phenomenon never ever gets acknowledged—unless you happen to read an honest person, like me.

It’s not quit like a sport and I’ve done it only a few times.

You must establish a connection first. A dickpic doth not a connection make. There’s no just getting a number and texting a pic of your dick.


But if she likes you and even feigns displeasure, that’s women.

Watch how it works. I talk about a lot more in the video after the evidence, so if you want to stick around then watch the whole thing from perfectly honest and never cunty Richard Nikoley spooning out bullshit… do so, and pay me a subscription.

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