The Story Of a Girl and Her Girls — Part 1

— From The Way-Back Beginning (1982) To The Present

I’ve taken some time off and caught up with sleep and protein-targeted food. I was a zombie by the time I’d written and published my final post of the end-of-year sale/anti-sale campaign. I was on the verge of just letting the campaign ride that final day without any push or shove; but I showed up and persisted, the final post ending up far less than intended when I’d set about drafting it.

I’m now well rested, well fed, and rarin’ to go…and you’re about to find out why.

The promotion has gone fantastically and I ought to be of higher energy to drive home this last 12 hours that ends NYC time. Thus far, 24 new memberships for total additional revenue of about $2,500. That’ll help a lot. Thanks, and welcome to y’all.

Well, as it turns out, that post unleashed quite a flood and I more than doubled what had been accomplished in the month since beginning on Black Friday. I finished up with 53 new orders totalling $6,290. This is in addition to what Stripe, my processor, labels “Subscription Update” over the same span of time—the monthly and annual recurring payments.

Thank you very much, one and all. Most of those were completely new memberships, the rest being upgrades of which, some existing members took advantage. For those who didn’t take up the upgrade offer, thank you too for your recurring subscriptions, always and forever locked in at the now half-price, so long as the membership is maintained. My cancelation rate is so minimal that I don’t even spend any time trying to figure out what went wrong with that particular customer.

On that score, I’m gratified that so many new subscribers are women…a welcome relief after my only micro-slew of cancellations…my Jimmy Moore post where, in a nutshell, I said that though I find the thing distasteful and such, it’s not pedophilia. I only said that because…it’s not pedophilia. Indeed, the truth often stings and gets a few panties in a wad.

(It was going to be utter and complete condemnation from me—in lockstep with all NPC regurgitators of approved and expected narrative—judge, jury, convict, and execute Jimmy…or I’m a pedo-lover. So ya think I’m all broken up about those cancellations?

No, though all this praying for the salvation of their souls gets to be tiresome and daunting. [wink])

…One interesting factor was the worry that I would lose recurring revenue by people upgrading from monthly or annual to lifetime, which is a one-&-done. So, someone’s at $50 per year, takes the lifetime deal, $225, but that’s offset by a $50 loss per year ($72 for monthly). Well, a dozen annual peeps did do that. BUT, 18 folks took up the annual offer of $40 first year, then $50 thereafter, so I ended up with a net 6 for $300 additional recurring annually. And, I ended up with 35% more monthly subscriptions on net than when I started.

All to the cool.

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