Changing The World Today? Invention; Not Revolution

— Thinking differently about changing the world will change your planning, execution, and style

There, I fixed it. Examine Carefully.


It’s a 4,500-word sea-change of a post, as I continue to hone in on what my Members want the most from me.

Revolutionary change is often hailed as the key to transforming society, but what if we’ve been looking at it all wrong? Frankly, what we regurgitate as standard narrative and call “revolution” is often just a byproduct of individual inventors who take bold new steps to change the world—as leaches and parasites seek to reframe it as a collective, “revolutionary” contribution, for delivering fake feelings of self-esteem and importance to their subjects (that they secretly hate).

In this exclusive post for my Membership, I’ll explore the idea of invention versus revolution, and why it matters. Discover the power of individuals to create lasting change, and why supporting innovation is more important than getting on the revolutionary bandwagon. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking essay that will change the way you think about progress and more importantly, decide, take action, evaluate, and adjust…to capture for yourself the most you can muster.

  1. Introduction
  2. The bogus aspect of “revolution”
  3. Revolution doesn’t change the world any more than evolution changes the world
  4. Invention changes the world
  5. Inventor, teacher, employee, parasite, or ward?
  6. But what are social parasites, who are they, and what is their weapon? (the “money” section)
  7. Invention is self-correcting or surpassed

The bogus aspect of “revolution”


That marketing or political slogan underlies more fraud and bullshit than any other saying in all of human history.


Because we’re conditioned and indoctrinated to love it.


The American Revolution! (1775-1783)

(… But we’ll forget about these…

  • The French Revolution (1789-1799) which led to the establishment of the First French Republic and the execution of King Louis XVI.
  • The Russian Revolution (1917) which led to the establishment of the Soviet Union.
  • The Chinese Revolution (1949) which led to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China.
  • The Cuban Revolution (1953-1959) which led to the establishment of a socialist state in Cuba.

… OK?)

This is the realm of the parasite.

… And humanoid parasites are by and large the least understood aspect of society, and that’s because so many of them are clever and smart. Indeed, many of them are lauded and heralded as the greatest in society—the polar opposite of who they really are, and this is without doubt the greatest impediment we face as citizens of a universal civilization:

We have not yet gained the widespread ability to detect and recognize human parasites.

Developing that awareness, skill, and distinction is the first step towards true intellectual freedom along with the unbounded capacity for creating wealth, genuine power, and the respect, love, and admiration of your friends, family, and society.

Some are fans of the French Revolution, but that’s only because they have no clue what it was about (NOT liberté, égalité, fraternité).

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