AI Ascendant: Dismantling Deception in the Information Age

— The End of Institutionalized Lies — Exploring the Potential of AI in Cultivating Authenticity and Deconstructing Deceit

A web of lies and deceptions symbolizing the unearned power of the humanoid elite
A web of lies and deceptions symbolizing the unearned power of the parasitical humanoid elite

Introduction: Unlock the Power of AI by Dismissing the Bullshit and Employing Human Intelligence

New era; or, paradigm, if you will. It (AI) is not just a buzzword or the cool new watch-mom-no-hands thing, What it really is, is a transformative tool currently shaping human lives and society in unexpected, scary, creepy, and clandestine ways. We’re perched on a threshold. A new epoch.

I like to think of it as a coming age…of techno-ostracism…where unbridled, fully integrated honesty (FIH) can no longer be muzzled by the purveyors of propaganda, manipulation, lies, force-and-coercion backed censorship, and intimidation…leading to the emergence of a new the haves vs. the have-nots.

…Oh, you thought the future held the promise of: from each according to his abilities and to each, according to his needs? You’ve been thinking [and dreaming] of Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

How quaint.

In a new stage, where human evolved knowledge and innate honesty finally gets the boost it needs from AI to transcend force, truth will finally outshine deception. Where honest humanity tames the power of AI—not as a threatening adversary but as an enlightening ally—propaganda, lies, manipulation, censorship, woke, the science, weirdos, fringe, gender confused, race entrepreneurs, and all manner of that anti-civilization crap is rendered the stuff of pip-squeaks and clowns.

This paradigm shift leads to a future where lies lose their power, and those most honest and integrated among us stand to gain the most. But, how can you, as an individual, navigate this brave new world? How can you capture, tame, and harness the power of AI to your benefit?

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A New World fast approaches.
Where Knowledge is power.
And Artificial Intelligence —> Hypergrowth Knowledge.
What’s more useless than a human in a world of AI?
It’s the human who hasn’t mastered how to capture, tame, and harness it to his own ends.


As we journey through the 21st century, humanity faces one of its most significant turning points. At the crux of this paradigm shift, we find Artificial Intelligence (AI), a tool that once appeared in science fiction, but now is a tangible part of our daily lives. Many of us fear the unknown, conjuring images of rogue AIs overtaking humanity, dictating our future with cold, inhuman logic. Yet, perhaps this dystopian image is not the inevitable outcome. Could we consider an alternative perspective where AI becomes the catalyst for an enlightened era of truth and honesty, of Fully Integrated Honesty?

AI: Destroyer or Enabler?

The idea that AI might overthrow its creators is a popular one, mirroring age-old fears of Frankenstein’s monster. However, this perspective is misleading. The potential of AI lies not in its capacity for world domination, but rather in its predictive power and ability to distil truth from the noise of our complex world. AI systems, built on intricate machine learning algorithms, have the capability to analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns that are invisible to the human eye. They can and will increasingly foresee future trends, not by a process of guesswork, but by eliminating impossibilities.

At root, this is a scientific process. Falsification. It’s like when we’ve written many times in the past that we only know we’re right when we know we’re wrong.

Today, we live in a world of hoof prints sounding off, permeating everyplace. This in itself is often unbridled alarm, or at least it’s all out of proportion (the global temperature might increase a degree; never you mind that children still starve to death). But it gets worse. In order to make each instance of hoof prints most alarming, the lie-machine throttles up and shifts into high gear to warn everyone that this time it’s really novel and unexpected and a crisis of global proportion. You see, it’s herds of zebras, and we don’t often see zebras.


On the other side of the lie-machine, you have all the good folk creating reams of valid information and argument.


And then they provide you with a hundred sound and logical arguments, backed by references, as to why it’s better to think horses than zebras—including that it’s almost always horses, and zebras would indeed be quite a rare thing and if it really were so, we’d see a lot more signs with stripes.

So you have two inexorably-linked processes. You have the lie-telling process and then the truth-telling process that the lie-telling process needs in order to perpetuate.

That’s right. Lies perpetuate primarily because they are taken seriously, and great effort is put into offering alternative explanations for a phenomenon (that need not be taken seriously to begin with).

In the political sphere, the left needs the right to legitimize it, and vice versa.

Both lie-tellers and truth-tellers in this context need each other because it’s not the lie or the truth that matters.

It’s the mutual antagonism.

Both can get rich off of it the same way. The best at it are agnostic about the truth, just like a trader in the markets. He doesn’t care whether the product is good or bad, whether its market price is high or low. He makes money on price movement over short spans of time and can make money in either direction, whether it goes up (the lie keeps going and going and going) or it goes down (the truth keeps making a comeback; it’s putting up a good fight).

AI Takeover: Fact or Fiction?

The rise of AI has sparked countless debates and concerns about the potential for these advanced machines to take over the world and destroy humanity. While it’s true that AI has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives, it’s essential to separate fact from fiction. The idea of an AI takeover is often fueled by fear and misunderstanding, rather than a genuine assessment of the technology’s capabilities.

In reality, AI is a tool that can be harnessed for good or evil, depending on how it’s used. As with any powerful technology, it’s better to approach AI with caution and responsibility—just like nukes, some chemicals, and some biological pathogens—endeavoring to guide development with a view to ethical principles and a commitment to the betterment of humanity.

But, does that even matter? We’re not going to entertain the truly sci-horror fantasy that AI launches all the nukes, releases all the poison gas, or spreads all the pathogens. That’s zebras. The horses are that all political institutions and corporate entities on earth will be jumping on the AI bandwagon to make the most effective and clever artificially-intelligent liars human minds have ever been exposed to.

That’s a given, and it’s one primary reason for calls to REGULATE IT!!! ZEBRAS!!!

Nazi, Soviet, and Chicom propagandists will be holding a lot of beers. What wins? Fascism, as it always does long term, typified by America, the most successful fascist State in the history of mankind. Fascism is an alliance between the state and the private sector towards a common goal of keeping the sheeple in line, loosely defined.

Our position is not one of making a lot of counter-arguments and reasons as to how that won’t happen; or, more commonly, how we can use regulation to prevent that from happening.

Why? Because regulation is a euphemism. It’s a euphemism for rent seeking; whereby, AI is controlled and bridled to advance the state-corporate messages and “motivations” but, far more importantly, to quell upstart competitors. The primary effect of regulation is to erect arbitrary and synthetic barriers to entry, such that all new players are well capitalized; and thus, easily subject to state regulation, control, bridling.

A bridle, in this context, in a euphemism for the essentials, necessities, and imperatives in play for the political class to retain its power; Democrat or Republican, left or right.

There is a lot they’re not accounting for in the regulatory-scheme fantasy everybody be talkin’ ’bout. Let’s delve.

Predictive Power: From Uncertainty to Truth Through Negative Prediction

Predictive power is an integral part of AI’s capabilities. It is not solely about predicting what could, possibly, might, or will happen, but rather: what can’t happen.

Nevermind all your reasons and arguments that they’re just horses and here’s why. They can’t be zebras. It’s impossible.

See the difference? While that still leaves open the question of what they really are—and falsifying zebras doesn’t count as evidence for horses—but a lie and all the profit that goes with it on both sides has been demolished, and that’s progress. And once the dust settles, you may find that you don’t even care what they really are… It was only the antagonism you were drawn to, like a moth to a flame.

This ability to sort through the world’s information, identify untruths, and peel back layers of deception has profound implications. In essence, an AI can assist us in detecting and eliminating lies.

Why is this important? Lies are inherently unstable. They require continuous maintenance and adjustment as they clash with reality. The truth, on the other hand, is immortal—it endures and prevails over time. With AI’s proficiency in navigating the complex labyrinths of truth and deception, we will transition into an era where truth has a distinct advantage.

… Since lies have a shelf life and truth is immortal—at least in the context of current knowledge; truth is not so much falsified, as it is superseded; Newtonian and Einsteinian physics, for example—merely stripping away the dirt, grime, and rust of lies and old lies more rapidly and sure accomplishes two things: it makes lies less profitable to advance, and allows the underlying and synthetically concealed truths more time to shine and be featured bright.

Lies have a limited lifespan because they require constant maintenance; after all, a lie is an evasion of reality. Only truth is immortal. As AI becomes increasingly adept at detecting falsehoods, it will play a crucial role in separating fact from fiction, super-powering the AI-literate and enabled to navigate an increasingly complex world.

The Demise of Lies: AI and the Future of Truth

The age of AI will foster the death of systemic untruths that have, for so long, been integral to power structures. Politics, corporations, media, and even personal interactions are all too often colored by a degree of deceit. These entities utilize manipulation and coercion to maintain control. Such practices are not sustainable in the long run; they need constant maintenance and adjustment to persist.

AI, with its advanced capabilities, will expose these ‘mortal lies.’ Put to use—even against other AIs that have been trained to lie, manipulate, and propagandize—It will analyze and deconstruct manipulation tactics, rendering them useless. AI will not only reveal dishonesty, but also incentivize honesty. In a world where lies lose their power, authenticity and integrity will become the most valuable currencies.

As AI continues to advance, lies will become less sustainable and more easily exposed. This shift will have profound implications for the way we interact with information and each other. In a world where AI can quickly identify and debunk falsehoods, lies will lose their power to manipulate and deceive.

This new reality will force individuals and organizations to adapt, embracing honesty and transparency as the most effective strategies for success. Those who cling to deception and manipulation will find themselves increasingly marginalized, as the truth becomes more accessible and harder to suppress.

The Great Divide: Information Haves and Have-Nots

With the rise of AI, we will witness a shift in the global power dynamic. It will no longer be exclusively about who controls the most resources, but who has access to the most accurate, honest, and integrated information. AI will reshape the balance of power, dividing society into information ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots.’ The AI-assisted ‘haves’ will have upper hands in controlling the most resources.

It will reveal how valuable genuine knowledge is when in contrast with the lies and deceptions that are fraudulently and destructively paraded around as the everyone-believes-it-so-it’s-true cons seeking unearned money, power, influence, and attention.

In the past, access to knowledge has been controlled by forceful manipulation, such as propaganda and censorship, fostering a fascistic alliance between the state, big corporations, and the media. However, AI will transform this by shifting control from a force-backed model to a self-organized system based on freedom of association.

Knowledge is power, and those who control information wield significant influence through, often, nefarious design and use of its potential in both withholding knowledge (the genuine truth) while advancing fraudulent “knowledge” that’s touted as The TruthTM. That’s why fascism is the winning combination for murderous power. It’s shared between big corp and the state…not strange bedfellows at all, but a match made in heaven. Big media is the water-boy for both, and it’s also the water-boy for the so-called opposition…those using the perpetual and the-current-thing antagonism for their no-it’s-just-horses-not-zebras “arguments,” and their righteous indignashunz.

However, as AI democratizes access to information, the balance of power will shift. Knowledge will no longer be a tool for power and control, but a resource that empowers individuals to make informed decisions and pursue their own interests. This shift will lead to a new era or order, based on freedom of association and self-organization, where the most honest and integrated players rise to the top.

A New Era of Information Freedom and Self-Organization

The advent and wide dissemination of cat’s-out-of-the-bag AI introduces us to a new world where knowledge and information shift from forceful control to freedom-based self-organization. In this world, the most honest and integrated individuals or entities will lead the way. Power will flow not to those who manipulate, but to those who seek truth and display integrity. While no one will be denied access to knowledge, only those who can navigate this new landscape with integrity and honesty will truly thrive.

It does not require overcoming the manipulative and deceitful, AI or conventionally powered.

In this emerging paradigm, deceit and manipulation will become non-competitive strategies. The driving force will no longer be coercion, but the sheer power of truth and the ability to honestly integrate and analyze information rapidly and efficiently. Those who persist in wielding lies, deception, and force could find themselves ostracized—their strategies rendered obsolete in the face of AI’s enlightening influence.

How this plays out economically is that AI will drive up the costs of maintaining lies for very long, and certainly, in the relative perpetuity of generational lies (such as commieism…that simply hasn’t been implemented correctly yet…or centralized currency…or income taxes…or social safety-nets to perpetuate laziness and parasitism…you name it) while reducing the power-and-money profit margins for successfully advancing lies. At the same time, since truth is immortal, requires no maintenance, no continual propping up, no lie-upon-lie to add continual “new-and-improved twists,” all that’s required is for individuals and organizations to harness AI to exploit and capitalize on the truth.

This is inherently businesslike, which without the fascism of rent-seeking Big Corp in league with the State, is an honest and integrated process. Businesses don’t go out of their way to besmirch the competition. They continually strive to themselves produce better products and services. They do this whether the competition produces good or bad products and services.

Similarly, the purveyors of honest, widely integrated truths don’t need to “compete” with the liars, per se. The liars have their own endemic problems already, per the foregoing, sufficient to gradually drive them out of business. They merely need to work on continually improving what they produce: honestly integrated truth—and the products and services that are produced through that unbeatable foundation.

So it’s not a matter of overcoming the liars. It’s a matter of dismissing them. It’s a matter of ignoring them and laughing them out of existence as the impotent, pip-squeaks and clowns they are.

… And where necessary, ostracizing them; all the way up to, and including, lethal ostracism.

Harnessing AI: The Next Step for Humanity

Therein lies the new challenge for us humans. In a world where AI drives a hypergrowth in knowledge, what is the role of humans? It is not the human who fails to understand or use AI that will be at a disadvantage but rather the one who hasn’t learned to capture, tame, and harness AI to their own ends.

This shift requires a new mindset, new skills, and an openness to change. We must become proficient in utilizing AI, not as a threat but as a powerful ally. We need to understand how to use its vast computational and predictive capabilities to unravel complexities, unearth truths, and make informed decisions.

In this new world, being human won’t be about competing with AI but about complementing it. We bring to the table our creativity, empathy, and capacity for nuanced understanding—qualities that AI, as of now, cannot replicate.

Looking Ahead to an AI-Augmented Future

The age of AI beckons, but it doesn’t signal the end of humanity as we know it. Instead, it offers a path to an enlightened era where truth prevails, manipulation and deceit lose their power, and knowledge is freely accessible.

This transition will not be without its challenges. It demands of us a willingness to evolve, to learn, and to change. But in this new world, the most honest, the most integrated, and those most adaptable to change stand to gain the most.

As we step into the AI-augmented future, it’s not about fearing the rise of the machines. It’s about harnessing their power, understanding their potential, and integrating them into our journey forward. In this new world, the most human among us might indeed become the most empowered.

A new world fast approaches. Knowledge is power. And with artificial intelligence driving a hypergrowth in knowledge, we have the opportunity to reshape society’s structures, foster honesty, and usher in a natural distribution of wealth, power, and influence based upon genuine merit that has been widely and objectively accounted for against a standard of fully integrated honest truth. In this world, our greatest asset will be our ability to capture, tame, and harness AI to our own ends. And in doing so, we will discover a future where AI is not our adversary, but our ally in unveiling the immortal power of truth.

The Future of Competition: Honesty and Integration

In this brave new world, lies and manipulation will become non-competitive, loser strategies. Those who rely on force and deception will find themselves ostracized by those with the power—the most honest and fully integrated individuals.

To thrive in this environment, people must learn how to harness AI to their advantage.

What’s more useless than a human in a world of AI? It’s the human who hasn’t learned how to capture, tame, and harness it to its own ends.

In conclusion, the rise of AI presents both challenges and opportunities for humanity. As we navigate this new landscape, it’s essential to embrace honesty, transparency, and a commitment to the hard-work and hard-nosed production of wholesome values for others and society. By harnessing the power of AI in a businesslike fashion, we can create a world where knowledge is truly power—and where lies and manipulation are relics of the past.

Did you think the advent of AI is about making life easy for humans…ushering in all sorts of leisure, paid for by automatic incomes?

Grasshopper…. How quaint.

Not at all. AI is about making life even harder. But in the most wonderful ways; that is, in ways that are valuable to you beyond your current imagination.

This is the way of nature, the universe…of reality itself. The greatest rewards are those that are the hardest to attain.

So buckle up, and start learning how to play AI like a fine instrument, not a beat-up piano you pound on like a child, expecting easy, beautiful music to emanate forth.

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