AI Ascendant: Dismantling Deception in the Information Age

— The End of Institutionalized Lies — Exploring the Potential of AI in Cultivating Authenticity and Deconstructing Deceit

A web of lies and deceptions symbolizing the unearned power of the humanoid elite
A web of lies and deceptions symbolizing the unearned power of the parasitical humanoid elite

Introduction: Unlock the Power of AI by Dismissing the Bullshit and Employing Human Intelligence

New era; or, paradigm, if you will. It (AI) is not just a buzzword or the cool new watch-mom-no-hands thing, What it really is, is a transformative tool currently shaping human lives and society in unexpected, scary, creepy, and clandestine ways. We’re perched on a threshold. A new epoch.

I like to think of it as a coming age…of techno-ostracism…where unbridled, fully integrated honesty (FIH) can no longer be muzzled by the purveyors of propaganda, manipulation, lies, force-and-coercion backed censorship, and intimidation…leading to the emergence of a new the haves vs. the have-nots.

…Oh, you thought the future held the promise of: from each according to his abilities and to each, according to his needs? You’ve been thinking [and dreaming] of Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

How quaint.

In a new stage, where human evolved knowledge and innate honesty finally gets the boost it needs from AI to transcend force, truth will finally outshine deception. Where honest humanity tames the power of AI—not as a threatening adversary but as an enlightening ally—propaganda, lies, manipulation, censorship, woke, the science, weirdos, fringe, gender confused, race entrepreneurs, and all manner of that anti-civilization crap is rendered the stuff of pip-squeaks and clowns.

This paradigm shift leads to a future where lies lose their power, and those most honest and integrated among us stand to gain the most. But, how can you, as an individual, navigate this brave new world? How can you capture, tame, and harness the power of AI to your benefit?

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A New World fast approaches.
Where Knowledge is power.
And Artificial Intelligence —> Hypergrowth Knowledge.
What’s more useless than a human in a world of AI?
It’s the human who hasn’t mastered how to capture, tame, and harness it to his own ends.


As we journey through the 21st century, humanity faces one of its most significant turning points. At the crux of this paradigm shift, we find Artificial Intelligence (AI), a tool that once appeared in science fiction, but now is a tangible part of our daily lives. Many of us fear the unknown, conjuring images of rogue AIs overtaking humanity, dictating our future with cold, inhuman logic. Yet, perhaps this dystopian image is not the inevitable outcome. Could we consider an alternative perspective where AI becomes the catalyst for an enlightened era of truth and honesty, of Fully Integrated Honesty?

Seize the Future with Chatbot Zon

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Contents Of The 2,800 Additional Words

  • AI: Destroyer or Enabler?
  • AI Takeover: Fact or Fiction?
  • Predictive Power: From Uncertainty to Truth Through Negative Prediction
  • The Demise of Lies: AI and the Future of Truth
  • The Great Divide: Information Haves and Have-Nots
  • A New Era of Information Freedom and Self-Organization
  • Harnessing AI: The Next Step for Humanity
  • Looking Ahead to an AI-Augmented Future
  • The Future of Competition: Honesty and Integration

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