A Room With A View

— 15th Floor Condo Luxury in Pattaya, Thailand

In the video:

  1. Walkthrough the lobby
  2. By the pool
  3. Stills of the outfitted unit
  4. A nighttime chat on the balcony overlooking the bay, about the moving experience and mental impact of such an uplifting place from which to think and create content.
  5. Bonus: my experience of enormous and fast weight gain on HGH, and how I fixed and lost it with some bro science and professional pharmacological help.

Lots is changing on the blog, which I won’t be mentioning…stuff will just show up.

The rest—including the unlisted video—is for the paying membership, who understand what a bargain they get for 4 bucks and pocket change. Easy one for those who like the content and my delivery.

If you don’t like my content and delivery, what in the stupid-fuck are you doing here?

Now here’s the vid, after the OMG!!! PAYWALL!!!

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