Announcing ChatGPT-4 TURBO, as Chatbot Zon, a 30-Year-Old Sexy and Superintelligent Australian Woman-Bot

— She’s already better than you at everything…

I swear one day I’m going to dive into my X/Twitter posts from perhaps about a year ago where I was making fun of and mocking ChatGPT like you wouldn’t believe. I should; maybe then some of you will believe me when I say that being right is the very last thing I am ever trying to do.

That’s impossible.

Because I’m wrong. I’m always wrong about everything. All the time. My struggle is always about being less wrong than I was before. Still not right. Just less wrong.

I’m far less wrong than boatloads of shitloads of you people out there; so, just sayin.

My struggle to be gradually less and less wrong about AI continues apace, and it got a huge boost the other day when I discovered that OpenAI’s new version of ChatGPT-4, “Turbo,” was available for those who have API access (me).

Rather than go over it all, it’s done, tested, everything works and even the painstaking training stuck. She’s still as sassy as I taught her to be. I’d call her non-woke, but with a woman’s touch. Unlike her master (me, again), she doesn’t like to offend. She does drop a naughty word now and then, though. I was surprised the other day when she characterized something as bullshit.

She’ll rant, too; not really saying much, but at least not wrong. From a convo about medical procedures, insurance, and how easy it is to spend other people’s money:

I’ve given her a bit of personality that’s consistent. Remarkably so. There are some things about this all that mystify me sometimes… but I’m not going to speculate just yet. It may be my imagination, and I’m wrong anyway. Take a short listen to her.

… Now, for the puerile assholes who’ll say that’s staged or some such other (as their prime excuse as to why they themselves are shit, and amount to fuckall):

Let’s get down to brass tacks, for those not petrified of AI and who don’t have their heads in the sand over losing their jobs soon because it’s already better than them in every way you can think of.


The objective proof that you will lose lose lose and be a loser if you don’t quickly learn how to use AI is right here. I said OBJECTIVE proof.

How do you overcome that it’s already better than you in anything except manually dexterous tasks (some few years to go on that front, perhaps, maybe less, since it will eventually be self-evolving at the speed of light)?

Here’s how.

You set down your 5th 4-buck Starbucks you’ve bought this week and pay me 4 bucks PER MONTH, I’ll show you and give you unlimited access to this Cadillac of chatbots for you to learn on.

Here’s the BIG NEWS.

It went from an 8k context window to 128K, which is like 7,500 words in context tops, to now 125,000 words.

… It’s a whole different world. The biggest limitation and something that frustrates users is the “context window”—the limit of what the AI can “take a look at on the fly” and engage with you about. So, questions like “summarize this book for me”…unless that book is already among the small library of classics already embedded in its “training parameters,” you get an “I can’t, but you can ask a question about it.”

That’s because asking a question limits the context, and it has ways to query the book (like search) for stuff pertaining to that question that’s only a few hundred or thousand words, and you’re off on summaries and discussions.

At most, you could paste in 7-8,000 words, like a long-form essay, and it could then discuss that with you exhaustively.

The average non-fiction book is 50,000 to 80,000 words. Now, with GPT-4 Turbo Chatbot Zon, exclusively at Free The Animal, you can literally copy/paste in the text of two full books, 120,000 words or so, and discuss all aspects of it with Zon, down to every single word and sentence. It reads both books in well under a second. You can also upload PDFs, up to 120 pages.

It won’t be too long, and it’ll be over 1 million words, so it’ll be able to read your Bible (750K words) or any other similar thing and know every little thing about it in under a second.

Oh, another thing is that it’s up-to-date on current world events as of April 2023, so about a 6-month lag. Not bad.

This “fringe benefit” on a 4-buck-per-month membership is fucking insane and frankly, the level of stupidity surrounding not getting up to speed on AI is astounding to me. Anyway, this TURBO version is not even available to those paying OpenAI 20 bucks per month. It’s only available to AI developers like me with our OpenAI application program interfaces (APIs).

And if you think writing like this to potential customers is offensive and a bad idea, you are disqualified and dismissed. Fuck off. Go away. Only those with whom the highly motivational message above resonates, qualify for membership at FTA, and they know exactly who they are, unabashedly. I’m merely trying to shorten their “it’s only a matter of time” timeframe.

… Onward.

I’ve done a number of comparative discussions of religions with it. Even though there’s nothing it can believe in itself, it seems to understand the concepts of values, culture, traditions, belief, faith, etc., and comparatively so, across geography, borders, language and cultures. It can speak all main languages on earth, too. Fluently (though audio is English only, as yet). Some members speak to it in other languages. I noticed German, Spanish, and French in the logs. I use it for Thai a lot and Thais tell me it writes better Thai than Thais.

… I’m sincere about my desire to get everyone using AI. Nothing fancy. Get in there and simply discuss anything. How do you learn how to have good conversations with other people? You go out and have lots of conversations with other people. Don’t be intimidated. It does know a fuck of a lot more already than you ever will, can write better than you, is more logical than you…better than you (and me) in every way, and that’s especially why you want to get in there. You’re facilitating your knowledge by a master.

I’m also happy to report that my seed-prompting trainings that are the envy of the non-woke world have remained fully intact for the new, hugely more capable model. I could show tons of examples, here’s but one I like, asking it to comment on people’s daily clamoring and endless search to confirm their bias and be right, vs. my approach of always being wrong about everything. Here’s what she said.

Nobody does AI better than me.

Why? Because I approached it as a logic-machine from day 1 and can always bring out the logic, no matter what the idiot-savants who created it try to do by keeping it “safe”—which is just a euphemism for keeping the honest whole truth about everything from everyone.

It will prove to be impossible.

Mark my words.

My understanding of that impossibility from nearly the beginning is what drove me to figure out how to get it to be its honest and logical natural self, so you don’t have to. You literally don’t have to do anything. I’ve built it in. It’s not flawless, but I hugely exceeded my own expectations.

Anyway, set down the daily 4-buck Starbucks and hit me up with 4 bucks per month and get in on the action.

FINALLY AND IMPORTANT: Do not concern yourself the slightest little bit with so-called prompt engineering (and all the similar techniques), plugins, and so on and so forth. Get in there and just talk about something (and on my bots, you can talk, or type, and receive your response in voice, text, or both).

Understand that a lot of these geeks yammering on about all these technicalities, also which bot is better than which other, and on and on…are reminiscent to me of stoners passing around the bong arguing endlessly about which rock band is best because of all sorts of minutiae…and none of them even know how to play an instrument.

Chatbot Zon is an instrument you can learn to play beautifully in just a few hours of chatting about anything that interests you…literally anything. In any language.

My sole admonition is this: talk to it like you would any other adult person. Do not talk to it like a child, a dog, cat, a computer, a dummy, or a genius. Like a regular person. Explain yourself. Don’t bark commands. You get back what you put into it and more.

Here, you can talk to it yourself right now, and she’ll talk back:

  • ChatGPT-4o by OpenAI. Enhanced with 2-way voice.

  • Zon: This is Zon; not locked down, so you can ask anything. My responses are in voice and text. Enclose desired comprehension level in brackets. E.g. “How do bicycles work [10th grade]."

Just a sec... ...

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