Methods To Madness and The Virtue of Binging

About 10 days ago, I published a post and did an accompanying video. In a nutshell, it’s about spring-cleaning…ending up with every essential thing you need and nothing inessential—because you don’t need inessentials cluttering up your life.

It was driven by my decision to just stop with the mad, insane rush to build this blog corner of the world to stadium size. Why? In a phrase: because it requires stadium-size lies.

That’s how the world works. Very few get to be big and influential without spinning big and influential lies. Few are the mavericks who can maintain a high degree of integrity and be huge. It’s not impossible, but the world isn’t rolling out red carpets for that.

All marketing is designed and geared to make the sale from those most susceptible to persuasion…a euphemism for effective lying. You’ve got marketers out there—I could name names—who outright talk explicitly about using hypnosis to persuade (to get more sales). Uh…no thanks.

Where I come from, persuasion is the art of nudging a person out of their comfort zone so that they can experience something you deem could be good or helpful to them, and you’d like to see them enjoy that because you sincerely care about them.

I write this blog to persuade anyone who’ll listen that I have ideas and experiences I think are worthy of checking out…take your pick, and it’s up to you. That’s a simple message, and I make no bones about who I am.

This thoughtful comment came in on the video, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to address some things some of the paying members might want to know…since they pay the bills around here. Also, you’ll see reference to the “no soap boing boing days.” The post that made me “famous” (and took down the server during NYE parties, 2009) 14 years ago. The blog was just 6 years old then. Some readers have been around the entire 20.

Hey Richard,

Great video / take on things in many ways. Personally, I still feel like something’s missing…. for lack of a better term, purpose.

What’s the point of building muscle? Mostly to be healthier / more attractive. What’s the point of that? Mostly to attract women / get laid / have good relationships. What’s the point of that? Well, to have kids really.

It’s hard to root for some old guy to get laid in Thailand. There’s no point to it, except to get your rocks off / further spread western degeneracy (that’s too strong of a word but you know what I mean.)

I want to see you doing crazy cool stuff, with a purpose. Having 8 kids in Thailand. Having two wives in Thailand. Teaching your kids to hang glide over sone beautiful scenery, etc. Building 25 rentals in Thailand.

That’s stuff an audience can root for that’s crazy and unique and cool. Not a boomer figuring out a good workout.

Your biggest strength has always been your big picture philosophizing / great forecasting / instinctually great takes on societal idiocy. But your life is pretty boring for someone who wants to build a huge audience.

Maybe I’m projecting a bit here, cause I’m gay and can’t have kids easily, and it kills me… but I see the same things in your as so many older gay men… zero purpose beyond money and pursuing sex. It’s sad and it never turns out well.

Hope you see past any harshness in this post, not meant to attack you at all, been following you since no soap boing boing days. But you gotta start doing way more cool, purposeful shit if you want to be a legit influencer / have a great following.

Staying fit and taking walks, well, you’re just like anyone else. And the gym thing… I’m sure you’ve figured out something rad, but only <1% of people lift anyway. Not a huge draw.

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