First written anything on this blog

I’ve been reading FTA since the paleo days. I’ve always looked forward to new content. I’m no intellectual, however I’m no moron either, 1 MA and a thesis short of a second. Richard always keeps me on my toes, his breadth of knowledge is at times intimidating, yet refreshing, and stimulating. I agree with him on many things, but certainly not all things, yet I do appreciate his ability to not only make me think, but dream of a fulfilling life outside of my comfort zone. I don’t have the adventurous zeal he has, but that’s probably the stimulation I need, if not desire. Thank you Richard for your candor and forthright nature. I am a lifetime subscriber and do not regret that one bit. Maybe someday I’ll get the balls to meet up and share a meal with you in the far reaches of this beautiful world!