…unique, honest, based in reason

I’ve been following Richard for about 10 years, from his initial journey into Paleo/low carb to now, with a gap of a few years (not his fault).

I gravitate to unique and honest voices, based in reason, and this is Richard to a tee. Do I agree with all he says? No, especially not his views on women. They make me uncomfortable, sometimes quite viscerally. That said, he is a man’s man, and I think this is a vanishing species that sorely needs to make a comeback.

So why do I persist, and why did I become a paying member?

Because it amazes me how often he says what I’ve been thinking, and equally as often shows me a different way to view something. Whether I agree or not, this is what I seek in all the voices I allow into my life.

Lastly, he called the fiasco that was the pandemic response very early on and was right. He was one of the folks who helped me through the insanity that ensued. While I shed my so-called friends and increasingly felt isolated, his voice helped me remain grounded, holding out for a saner time. It was this that ultimately led me to pay.