Me Love You Long Time

I found your website at the beginning of the Paleo days and have followed you ever since, first because of all the Paleo stuff, including your great recipes and food pictures, then through the potato hack days, which was very interesting. I especially appreciated it when the Paleo thing got out of hand and you were there to make fun of all the processed low carb junk food and your rotation back to a middle ground dietary position. Then just as things seemed to be settling down, you moved to Thailand & I’ve been interested in how all that works, especially the various relationships that come and go and the related drama.

The essence of the experience has been change. You go from one thing to the next as the spirit moves you. I don’t want to miss out on what’s next. Hence my decision to become a paid subscriber so as to keep you going.

The video thing seems to be a work in progress. I am more text oriented because of time constraints and I appreciate how you are including more text with the videos.

So hang in there and keep it coming.