The Envy Parade

Imagine that you’ve done nothing particularly remarkable in your life; that you’ve never shocked anyone at all with your depth of insight; that you’ve never drawn a payroll check from your own bank account and handed it to someone else who has you to thank for their livelihood; that nary a single soul in the world can point to a single thing in their vast landscape of life experience that changed their life for the better and has you to thank for it.

I believe that Martha Stewart could not begin to imagine any of the above. I believe that most, if not all of the eight jurors in her case can not only begin, but get a good way through such a daydream and be quite comfortable with it, like an old pair of shoes or well worn suit of clothes.

But forget about such daydreams. These ordinary people now get to fantasize about how they, in all their mediocrity, have taken down such a giant.

I wonder how many more instances of the story of David & Goliath will be told to children at bedtime tonight.

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