The No Bullshit Group: Beyond Red Pill

— Member-guided assistance and accountability I view this blog and its ancillary things as a place of deprogramming. Above all else. … Do you know why I generally eschew using the “Red-Pill” metaphor? The red pill and blue pill represent a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill or…

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Statement of Values

It never occurred to us to write out or put such a thing on display, as the values held by folks running a site are implicit and will normally be understood over time. That was until observing events all over the world in recent years, and in particular, the West. In an effort to avoid…

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The Bangkok Black Friday to End Of Year Sale

— Bangkok doesn’t really have anything to do with it… I headed out to shoot a quick 2-minute video trailer for this sale. I hate sales but I’m doing it anyway. Sales are kinda like lies…in the sense that if you can sell something at that price, then why not just set that as the…

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C’mon, Gimme A Piece Of Your Mind!

As Part of My Continuous Improvement Process I’ve Added Testimonials — And I Want Yours! Yes, you can participate. Even the haters, provided you’re smart, clever, and funny about it. Reciprocity: you get your podium, but it serves me too. …Could I get a testimonial from each of you as to why-oh-why thousands of you…

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Breaker Breaker 1-9: Keep On Truckin’

It was about 1977 when my friend Mike Walton came over to tell me that his dad had just put a CB radio in their car. It was at a church function and so while all the adults where inside doing their church-social things, we were out in the parking lot teenage-boying this newfangled communication device.

  • I Become a CB Geek At 16
  • Citizen’s Band Radio and Truckers
  • My 1979 Cross Country Drive Talking With Truckers
  • Truckers?

I Become a CB Geek At 16

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We The Powerless People…Becoming Conscious

David Icke:

You know, when you look at a pyramid, we’ve been manipulated to believe the power in a pyramid is at the top.

It ain’t.

The top of the pyramid is there because the rest of the pyramid’s holding it up.

We are holding this whole thing together.

We, the powerless people are holding the powerful people up there and they know that.

They’re terrified of us realizing that.

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Bernie Sanders — A Clock Stopped Right On Time

I dislike gratuitous use of screen clips to characterize or caricature what you might be writing about. It’s a cheap shot and I’m guilty of it too. Just not this time.

So in this case, I looked to find what I think is a flattering image of Bernie. I like it. It’s old-dude endearing (in which my own needs grow), probably more honest than most. Don’t get me wrong. His ideas—throughout a lifetime of a non-working career, including US Senator—are as goofy as a football bat.

…I thought I’d take a look at Congressional Pay in current dollars. It’s pretty all over the map early on. It changed a lot. But it’s enlightening to see that congressmen and senators were paid $206,000 in 1907 (in inflation adjusted USD, to 2019). In 2009, their pay was $207,000 in 2019 dollars.

Seems they keep a better hand on inflation than that to which their legislation would attest. They’ve taken a hit in real terms of inflation vs. salary over the last decade or so. I don’t suppose the stupid shit they do as “lawmakers” has anything to do with that. I digress.

So, to the rather astounding point of the post.

It comes to pass that Bernie did a short but prescient and surprising thing;

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I Want My Biden-Harris Commemorative Pipe

The truth is, I woke up this morning feeling off. …The whole world is screwed, what’s the point, yada yada…

Happens to everyone at times. To shake it off after a coupla cups of Joe and a smoke, I decided to delve into a nagging issue with the membership configuration here. I had this “great idea” initially to make it a-la-cart in terms of 4 separate levels of monthly membership. While it got great initial adoption, it soon proved to be cumbersome for both myself and paying subscribers. I went a different way. Monthly or annual at a 30% discount, and then stuff really took off.

Three Blurbs:

  • How I changed my morning outlook by diving into something
  • Free crack pipes for curing systemic racism
  • Next: the neologism “blackcent” cracks me up

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Freeloader Time And Attention Sinks

The quintessential header image

Over the years I have always endeavored to do two things, and those were to be as engaging as possible with all who read this blog—even if it culminated in an FU either way. Up until April of last year (’21), that required reading every comment, replying to about a third of them statistically, overall, and personally replying to nearly every email, even if just to personally acknowledge with a “thanks” or “got it.” It takes more time and focus than actually writing the blog. I take pride in reading every email.

Last April I transformed into to a membership space for free and paid members. But I still do plenty of public posts and the older archives are mostly public so crawlers will keep them indexed in the search engines, an advantage of having thousands of them.

After a while, I began to notice a trend. It’s a very stark one in terms of from which category I get the most emails. It should not be as surprising as it is, but it’s stark.

From whom do I get the most emails and why do I think that is?

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The Essential 30-Mins of 5-Hrs US Senate Hearings…Banned By YouTube

I’ve not been banned by YouTube.

Moreover, I don’t wish to make it about me. I’m a little guy. But I previously had a video deleted and banned.

But it has been a while and so today, I saw a mashup of the 5-hr United States Senate Hearing sponsored by Senator Ron Johnson. It’s only 30 minutes and it was too hard to not share it. So I downloaded the file, proceeded to upload it to YouTube.

Less than one minute later, the upload stopped.

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Person Gives People News

I’m convinced daily that “news” on a global scale—now also permeating social media, pushing out cat and friendly bear videos—is indeed the opiate of the masses.

The addiction is pernicious.

It’s a sort of subtile thing, I think. Being an “informed citizen,” so called, is seen as a a sort of civic virtue. That’s how all the people with their hearts in the right places get drawn in. They really aren’t out there in pursuit of ideas for various forms of muckraking, but to do the right thing as best they can, with as much information as they can.

But news media exists to turn a profit, just as all businesses do. But, instead of enticing you to trade in your perfectly good car or truck for one with 100 upgrades they can specify and detail, the only news they can offer is more of the same—repackaged over and over and over and over. Their product is fear, alarm, and caution. More fundamentally, their product is: STOP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND LISTEN TO US!!!

Also: don’t touch that dial; we’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors [the people paying us to keep you engaged].

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My New Telegram Channel

At the risk of “I knew you’d be back” giggles and whatnot, I recently installed the Telegram app. I did so because one of my correspondents in email was on it and there’s no way to share links to public posts unless that person is also on Telegram. So, to send a video, for instance, he’d download it and email it to me. Cumbersome, large files.

For background, I thoroughly deleted Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram a few months back and am super happy about that still. See here and here if you’re interested in my reasoning.

There’s other messaging apps I use: Line, WhatsApp, and Signal…depending upon which friends and family are on which. And, I’m keeping those as they are. Pretty much everyone I’m connected with on them is someone I know or have met IRL.

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The Chauvin and Rittenhouse Show-Trial Ideological Parallels

In this post:

  • The Right Loves Show Trials Even More Than The Left
  • My Chauvin Posts
  • My Chauvin Video
  • My General Thoughts On The Rittenhouse Trial
  • My Rittenhouse Video Juxtaposed With Chauvin From a Left/Right, Demon/Saint Perspective

The Right Loves Show Trials Even More Than The Left

As with the Chauvin trial some months back, I largely ignored it until the verdict; wherein, I can then get a decent grasp of the essential facts in 5 minutes or so, go from there to do an assessment.

Honestly, I can’t categorically affirm that the Right loves these media spectacles more than the Left, so let’s just say both love them plenty. And that’s the root of the problem, because the whole thing is about the characterizations of the various players far more than it is about the facts of the case in honest context with the law and detached emotion applied. It’s sort of a justice thing. Justice has rather objective meanings and connotations. None of them have anything to do with the feelings of the spectators.

My Cuavin Posts

I did two posts.

  1. George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: The Verdict
  2. George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: The Video Summary

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New Video Of General and Random Stuff

You Can’t See Dislikes Anymore, But I Can and I Can Show You

Things I cover in the adlib video:

  • The Curious State of The World Where Leftists Are Jumping Ship Like Rats
  • I Moved and Am Moving Again
  • FOMO Sales and Marketing Online
  • Tim Steele Made Me Write It
  • The Crazy Micro-Climates On Phuket
  • Male Testosterone, The Chicken, and the Egg

It’s all here:

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I Told You So: ‘Likes’ Only On Social Media

Just about 2 months ago I wrote and published The Definitive Case For Deleting Social Media. In it, I wrote:

Then, of course, there’s the plain and obvious narcissism that’s virtually built into the whole thing and it’s damn hard to resist that tendency. After all, everyone likes to be liked, and of course, Facebook has a Like react, but not really a dislike. Twitter has a heart. So it’s heart or nothing. Instagram is the same. This distorts reality, since you’re only getting the positive feedback, there is no correction by negative feedback, except in comments or replies. Many influencers with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of followers never have time to go through thousands and thousands of comments. But they sure can get a LIKE!!! Tally, an entirely distorted scorecard as to how you’re really doing in the trial of public opinion. There is no dislike.

But these platforms do not want you to have access to that sort of correction-by-reality information. Lacking that is what conditions us to keep checking in, to see how many more Likes we have and we become neurotic junkies. So as the high from one post’s engagement begins to wane, we have to post something else quick, to get juiced up all over again.

Pathetic, isn’t it?

If you are stupid and wrong, social media makes you more stupid, more wrong. If you are smart and right, social media throttles your reach, limiting your feedback, compromising your ability to make corrections over time.

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Coming Soon For Members

I’ve changed the title 3 times, already. I’m as tired of the emergency du jour as you and I’ve never even been susceptible—and not even from the exact same thing from the political right. Just “stay tuned,” It’s coming. Here’s something both the left and right can take pause from that I watched the whole…

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It’s Always More Clowns and Jokers

It’s everyday. The stupidest, most indoctrinated, hold themselves up as pinnacles of virtue. “Smart” phones and social media accounts have given every moron-nobody-at all on the planet A VOICE!!! That’s “democracy” for you. A dive to the least common denominator bottom. And he who is not sufficiently courageous to defend his soul — don’t let…

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