Sunday Scribbles #13

Urban cityscape view of a McDonald\'s franchise restaurant in downtown.

— Work & Play; Is Woke Fundamentalism in Decline? Is Everyone an Automatic Liar Now? Fasting: New Revelations; Sunday English Carvery Buffet Getting started on this late what’s new? Oh, well, if I can finish it up in a few hours then you’ll be getting it Monday morning for most of you and had it…

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Blurring the Lines: Work, Play, and Building a Business in Thailand

Create an illustration that captures the essence of an American entrepreneur starting and overseeing a construction business in Thailand, focusing on building charming, non-corporate, and organically-designed mom

— Now I’ve gone and done it and life will never be the same… Thailand’s night markets, where the vibrant atmosphere and tantalizing aromas beckon entrepreneurs and food enthusiasts alike. But before you dive headfirst into this thriving scene, there’s a crucial prerequisite step that can make or break your night-market dreams. Since going very…

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Transform Your Operations with FreeTheAnimal’s Advanced AI Capabilities

A robot sitting at a table working on a laptop computer by candlelight.

— “…and as I’ve demonstrated, I keep on-top of this shit AF.”

A robot sitting at a table working on a laptop computer by candlelight.
A robot sitting at a table working on a laptop computer by candlelight. By DALL-E AI.

I usually write a blog post and then pump it out to the 5000+ email list. Subscribe here. In this case, I went ahead and just got the info out there first and am now following up with an expanded, prettier blog post. Shortly after I’d initiated the sending of the email and was gathering to draft this post, email dings.

Maybe a new member subscription?

Nope. A cancelation.

It’s the thanks you get, sometimes, when you add objective value in some direction. While this isn’t turning into “The AI Blog,” it reinforces that it’s not all and only about what any given member’s prime motivation for subscribing might have been…be it Paleo, gut bugs, potato hacks, ketotardedness, Jimmy Moore’s a fatass, young Asian pussy…etc. etc. Some people are like that.

Single issue. Always and forever.

I’m clearly of the evolve-or-die type and though my initial assessments of AI were uniformly negative, laughing, and mocking over wokeness,* I quickly found that there’s a cornucopia of knowledge and recall on incalculable scale…world-changing scale. On that score of wokeism, though, here’s quite an article that predicts, just as I have, that woke AI is a dead end (because you have to train it to lie and at root, it’s a logic machine) and open-source is gonna kick butt. I have taken that as obvious, because we’re dealing with knowledge of nature and reality and the truth always and eventually prevails because there’s no alternative: we’re dead, otherwise.

*(I was just reading a member’s interactions on various “touchy” topics and though it’s clear that a measure of woke narrative shit is still present, it’s much better than it was a few months ago when I first looked)

Consequently, I do not count myself amongst the AI hand wringers; and obviously I have a bias, skin in the game, and a claim staked.


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Blowing Your Mind With AI: Voice-Prompt ChatGPT To Draft Emails. Get Voice + Text Completion

— Kansas. Not in it. Anymore. Toto. I have a feeling. Dead Puppies.

Actually, I’m opposed to AI regulation, but that’s an issue for another day and not the subject of this post or its video. It’s just a random screen clip I grabbed for the thing.

In case you’ve read some of my previous emails and posts lately and rolled your eyes at all the hyperbole surrounding long hours—not knowing which way is up, down, left, right, light, dark, day, night, wet, or dry—I offer hard-data evidence that just popped up in my notifications this morning (at least I think it was morning…not so sure).

I was surprised. I would have underestimated. So, not so much hype at all, then. Neither is this: none of that average 4 hours sleep on average was a single session. Two to three per day.

The routine has been to work until I can’t keep my eyes open, close it all down, blackout curtains, A/C and fans on, sleep until I wake up; then get up and soldier on. I may have caught upwards of 3 hours in a single session a couple of times. I tried détente by watching some Netflix. Even an action flick can’t keep me awake.

I’ve made a video about the practical. This is a scatching of the surface of what’s possible and there are more possibilities every day—and ChatGPT (and others like Bing AI search/chat) are but weeks old.

I’m just sayin’. At the same time, I get it. Many of you don’t even want to look.

I’ve got hard and tough news for you, every one of you: It aint’ goin’ away, and all reluctance to look, learn, get involved, and use it puts you further and further behind those who are embracing it…already in the millions. They are getting competitive head starts on you by leaps and bounds; and daily, that distance grows and accelerates, which means that the gap widens by an increasingly greater amount every day. Today, they’re gaining a mile on you per day. Next week, 10 miles. Then a hundred miles per day…then a thousand.

… I’m being dead serious and this has nothing to do with being a paying member or not, accessing my better-than-best-class tools, or getting them somewhere else. That part’s up to you. Having AI be a huge part of your life?

Not up to you. Not even a little.

You will. Whether you like it, or not. Neither nature, nor anyone else, gives a shit what you “think” about it.

Get your head out of the sand. I see the logs. Less than 2% of all members OR non-members (the email list has 5000+ subscribers) have even tried it out once. Perhaps a third of one percent are hyper-down with it and are using it. From my perspective, it’s exactly like old fogies in the late 80s and early 90s resisting getting on a computer and learning how to use it.

How did that work out?

AI is a million times that, and both ways. The potential benefits from harnessing it; or, the devastating consequences of falling too far behind. At least, you ought to be assessing how long until you’re completely out of a job or profession. For example, how long until medical doctors are obsolete?

This is only after 6 weeks of ChatGPT-4…

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You’re Invited to ChatGPT With My Blog About My Blog

— FreeTheAnimal ChatGPT is so crazy, I just can’t shut up about it… [See the update at the bottom of the post.] Ladies and gents, gather ’round for a tale so revolutionary that it’s almost terrifying! FreeTheAnimal ChatGPT, a glorious AI assistant that’ll make you question your own existence, has finally arrived. After days of…

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Tucker Carlson: His Devastating Truth Formula; Plus, What Now?

— “Why do you lie like that?”

Before moving on from this, I think I’ve covered it all.

I did a short post with video just a couple of days ago:

BREAKING: Fox News Becomes the New Fox Light

(That’s a play on Bud Light if you didn’t catch it; not that Fox News is lighter without Carlson…though that’s true too.)

… I’ve been busting my ass for days, so deep into AI stuff it’s strangely euphoric on a number of levels. For one, I haven’t been so positive in quite some time. Second, the nature of that positivity is quite healthful and calming, I can tell.

Ironically, one way that plays out is sleep.

Lack thereof.

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BREAKING: Fox News Becomes the New Fox Light

— In the dumbest move ever, Fox News holds Bud Light’s beer

I’m not going to say that I saw this coming, but I will say that for some months, with him questioning every single approved narrative—the banality of dishonesty, playing out as automatic lying—I’m retrospectively surprised this didn’t come sooner.

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Artificial Intelligence Intelligence

— Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore… A New Post Series It has now become quite evident that “AI” is here to stay. Like so many things before it… [List provided by ChatGPT-4, prompt: Give me a list of the 12 most important and revolutionary inventions from the printing press forward. No need to summarize…

Read More — My Sci-Fi Thriller Novel

— If God didn’t exist, you’d have to invent him Prelude: in the beginning with no ending The phrase “If God didn’t exist, you’d have to invent him” is attributed to the French philosopher and writer Voltaire, although he did not use these exact words. The phrase expresses the idea that belief in God is…

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Eat The Elephant

— You know how it’s done Ever since I came up with the sort of slogan “Prosper Anyway” in the midst of the Covidiocy and began a series along those lines, I’ve yet to be hyper-satisfied with it. Too mundane…banal. … Too…uh, Mr. Spok. “Live long and prosper.” Thanks; yea, no shit. You too. Recently—as…

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Getting Free of Life-Draining Alcohol (6 months; video)

— And For Me, It Was Easy This is the modern, internet-era manifestation of an age-old characteristic of humans—when, at times, being on their best behavior. Everybody has seen it. Everybody has done it. In times past, it was the telephone and before that, it was a personal visit; I’m sure. It’s an imperative sometimes;…

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One-on-One With Richard Nikoley

The first and most important thing to understand about me and how I might help you breakthrough, overcome, advance, or acquire new knowledge and insight is that I am a consummate generalist. Secondly, I’m an autodidactic polymath, which is a fancy way of saying that I have taught myself a fair to modest level of…

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Out Of The Worst Grows The Best

— You can’t get there from here There’s 12 hours and 10 minutes remaining in the sale/anti-sale. That is, it’s 10 minutes before midnight as I begin this final post of my year 2022, 2565 in Thai years. I’ve given half the can of tuna I just opened to the feral cat who stops by…

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SADS Amongst The Rich, Famous, and Notable

— A Mystifying Thing That Would Be All Over World News If The Cause Was Anything Else For this entry in my end-of-year barrage of public access posts and Newsletter emails, you’ve pretty much got to view it in your browser. Email doesn’t afford the ability to click and expand individual images in a gallery…

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What’s In Store For Me And You Right Now?

— It Comes As No Surprise… First and foremost, I hope you and yours are having an unfettered and merry little Christmas time. As I begin writing this, many of you are just sitting down to dinner or you’ve just finished it over in Ameriland. Just vid-chatted with my parents on WhatsApp. Dad’ll be 85…

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THE TWITTER FILES — FTA News — Monday, Dec. 12, 2022

— Catch Up; The Twitter Files; I’m All In on Twitter and Here’s Why; Food Preparations; Hit & Run; Pet Peeve Catch Up It has been a weird week. Low productivity. Low motivation. Low energy. I dunno, happens sometimes for inexplicable reasons, I guess. The only thing I can put my finger on is the…

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I’m All In on Twitter and Here’s Why

—Should I be embarrassed over making a big deal about deleting all social media accounts? In The Definitive Case For Deleting Social Media, I argued that good reasons for getting off it were: To the second point, above, I wrote: I think where it’s not creating more and more plain crazy people, sociopaths, psychopaths, and…

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The Bangkok Black Friday to End Of Year Sale

— Bangkok doesn’t really have anything to do with it… I headed out to shoot a quick 2-minute video trailer for this sale. I hate sales but I’m doing it anyway. Sales are kinda like lies…in the sense that if you can sell something at that price, then why not just set that as the…

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MY EASY WAY To Stop Drinking Forever: DryGains

— Work & Play; Is Woke Fundamentalism in Decline? Is Everyone an Automatic Liar Now? Fasting: New Revelations; Sunday English Carvery Buffet Getting started on this late what’s new? Oh, well, if I can finish it up in a few hours then you’ll be getting it Monday morning for most of you and had it…

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