Figuring Out Zell Miller

I enjoyed the democrat governor of Georgia and current democrat US Sentator Zell Miller’s speech last evening at the Republican National Convention—as I enjoyed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s and even Rudy Giuliani’s on previous nights. I enjoyed all three because all were deeply spiritual speeches. Contrast that to the Democrat National Convention where what you heard was a cornucopia of deeply emotional speeches.

Do you grasp the difference? Spirituality is emotion that’s reflective of an individual’s most cherished rational values. A speech that’s merely emotional has no necessary connection to top values or whether they’re rational. That’s why at Democrat Conventions, you more often see people getting all choked up or fired up about stealing stuff from people who are better off than they are.

After last evening’s festivities, most frustrating was watching the various pundits trying to figure out Zell’s ‘angle’ in doing what he did. Isn’t it obvious? He stated his angle right straight up front at the beginning. He values his family more than his party. I’d venture to say that there’s a whole litany of things on Zell Miller’s list that he values more than politics or his party. Does anyone doubt that Zell Miller values integrity above party? Honesty? Courage? I could go on. In short, Zell Miller values cardinal virtues more than he does a political career.

From that perspective, he came to deliver the message that he believes George Bush possesses the virtues of courage, consistency, and perseverance to fight and kill, when necessary and according to our standards, fundamentalist and orthodox practitioners of Islam.* He believes Bush places the importance of this task above a political career or power.

You should never let yourself be taken in by a politician, but when you do find yourself seduced from time-to-time, make sure it’s one who would never say that his career is the most important thing to him. That’s code for saying that no lie; no deception; no manipulation is beyond his struggle to advance his political career. Those are the people who largely run our lives in this better-than-average slave labor camp in which we live. As history has taught us: it’s unhealthy, though not unusual for slaves to worship their masters.

* (Yes, my words are chosen carefully, above. That’s what it boils down to and I’m not going to dance around the plain fact of the matter. These are not radicals “perverting” an otherwise peaceful religion. Those peaceful practitioners of Islam have “perverted” it with modernity just as Judaism and Christianity have been perverted from the orthodoxy to some semblance of sanity over the years. Do you want to know and understand the ancient practices of Judaism and Christianity? Study orthodox Islam as it is today. It’s your monotheistic, God-of-Abraham heritage.)

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