Ignorance of Youth

I still recall with clarity a day driving in the car with my dad during the years I was being educated at an institution of higher learning. We were talking politics, and then I said it, the singular most ignorant thing to ever cross my lips in the field of political philosophy.

I think that everyone should be guaranteed to have their most fundamental needs met: food and healthcare.

Of course, I had no idea of the philosophical premises one would have to hold in order to logically arrive at such a mandate, what those premises would represent in a wider context, how those premises would contradict everything crucial and fundamental about being an individual, and the human disaster that must necessarily follow from exercising them to their logical conclusions. That all came later.

This new film about Che Guevara titled The Motorcycle Diaries, Robert Redford, the Sundance Film Festival, and all the people who cheer such an evil tool of human injustice reminds me of my youthful ignorance.

(Link via Billy Beck, who has an apt analogy on the matter.)

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