No Escape

I’m glad to be seeing more and more of this, around, since I’ve been saying and writing it since 9/11.

It has taken awhile, but it appears that many are finally coming to the realization that this is a battle between our civilization and their anti-civilization. Here, there is no synthesis possible. Both their will and spirit must be broken, or they must be utterly destroyed. In conventional conflicts, such as the wars of history, there is always common ground upon which to build an eventual truce. Here, there is next to none. Not only do they desire your death, they have no love of life themselves.

Observe that even the kamikazes of Japan in WWII were rational in the context of war. That is, they did not resort to this tactic until the war was essentially lost. It was a defensive tactic, to protect the homeland from the eventual American invasion. In the case of the practitioners of the “Religion of Peace,” their suicidal missions are offensive. They are willing to kill themselves—not to obtain or defend the freedom of their countrymen—but to destroy your freedom and countrymen. This would be like setting fire to your own home in hopes that the flames will carry over to your neighbor’s, whom you want to see devastated. Within that logic, on what basis can you begin any negotiated settlement?

When they value your destruction more than their own lives, you have literally nothing to offer them in trade or even appeasement. Your only alternative is to utterly dominate them, and destroy those who do not unconditionally submit and surrender.

During the cold war, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) worked as a nuclear doctrine because even communist ideology could not stamp out the Russian zeal for love and life, here and now, on planet earth. How could such a doctrine possibly work against those who welcome their own deaths just to cause yours? The implications are sobering, and yet, the most serious “moral” issue of the day is getting rid of George Bush precisely because he is [imperfectly] taking this battle on.

When you try to mix life and anti-life, what can you possibly get? Whatever it is, it’s not life, and from it, there is no escape.

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