A Welcome Word

I received an email from my cousin George, still on the scene in Phuket.

Ok, here’s the scoop.  All is not well.  The coastal  areas are smashed, including our little ton sai beach.  Beth & Annie were in hammocks at Freedom bar and I was 200 yards down the beach warming up on an easy climb.  The tide was at max high, so we had to skip around to climb, if ya know what I mean (all you beach climbers!).  Then we noticed that the waterline was dropping FAST; we looked out to sea, and saw a huge wave coming.   Everyone stared open mouthed and then ran like heck.  I made it to a ladder  and made it up.  I was frantic about Beth and Annie but could do nothing except watch the waves hit Freedom Bar.  They made it up the hill fine; I found out later.  Then I went down the ladder in a daze; I don’t remember much except picking up a little dog, when the next, and biggest one hit.  I ran for my life, and made it!  That’s all there is.  We helped with the cleanup and now wait to see what happens.

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