Be Afraid

Since I respect the individual freedom morally implicit in the recognition of individual rights, I have little problem with most "values" people choose for themselves, to include the pursuit of almost no value other than basic subsistence. I’ll condemn them as stupid, having no class or sense of splendor, but as the one says whom I credit below, "everyone gets to go to hell in their own go-cart." I agree, and I often have to remind myself because I’m impatient, intolerant, and have great difficulty suffering fools.

On the other hand, if someone wishes to be a know-nothing in life, isn’t it fitting if such person is never charged with any great responsibility? If only. The world of private interests, free association, and free markets tends to work that stuff out pretty well, with the general exception that ignoramuses are too dumb to know that they have no business charging themselves with the upbringing of a child.

And in the public sphere, these people are all too happy to vote.

See what sort of people I’m talking about here. Full article here. Do you grasp this? After the human animal has taken himself so, so far, we have come to relegate ourselves to a social hierarchy where public issues are decided by whomever is able to form together the largest group of idiots and ignoramuses. What’s worse, we’ve sawed off the limb of Western Civilization upon which we’ve stood. We’re locked into a rotting democracy where the majority is far too stupid and incapable to mend its own ways via the only non-violent method available to it–the vote. In such a scenario, utter collapse seems the only avenue of non-violent remediation left available.

(Link: Beck, who treats the subject as usual.)

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