On Genuine Charity

Google’s notion is a truly amazingly wonderful thing, a true milestone in the ascent of man. I deeply despise the kind of indiscriminate charity undertaken by the likes of people like Bill Gates, a niggardly largesse devised to bribe away the resentments of the vicious. But this is the kind of great achievement only great wealth can achieve, and this is the kind of irreplaceable gift to all of humanity that only great-spirited men of merit can grant. The best gift of Google is Google itself, and it does so much for me and you and everyone because they are doing it for money. They are doing this much more for us for money, too, and that is so much more valuable than anything anyone could do in mere charity.

Greg Swann, on Google’s worthy and gracious project to create a global virtual library, evokes a generalized rational view of true charity.

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