That Pig-Headed FDR

One of my great amusements is in reading or seeing material from the left that essentially paints Bush as a pig-headed maverick in his prosecution of the war on radical Islam (which, make no mistake, is exactly what it is and must be). Bush doesnt’ listen to our "allies" (by which they typically mean the French and Germans), prefering to go it alone. This may all be true, but it’s nothing new, and unsurprisingly, most don’t know or understand that. This typically signals someone who lacks historical perspective, for whatever reason.

For instance, if I bring up the subject of the 1943 meeting in Casablanca, how many could tell me the names of the participants, what policy came out of that meeting, how it was viewed the world over, how it so affected things to come, and what parallel it has with today’s goings on?

Here’s a brief historical analysis that covers the history of it. I disagree with the conclusion of the article. I think the policy was 100% dead on right for the long run necessity of what was going on, and what was to arise in the form of the USSR with nukes.

And it’s exactly the attitude we must have with the current challenge.

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