Beck points to an entry at Samizdata that’s well worth the read. In certain areas in Dallas, you’re the nuisance if thugs come knocking at your door and you ask the police for assistance–"too many" times. They’ll send Vito out to set you straight.

Fuckers. Every single one. May they all die of horrible and painful diseases, and then rot in hell. May their children be ridiculed for even attending their funerals.

You know, it wasn’t but a few days ago that a commenter to one of my recent entries made us all aware of the "fact" that government is an evil, but, of course, a "necessary" one. I defy anyone anywhere to make a rational case for any such thing as a "necessary evil."

The whole point of evil is that it is manifestly unnecessary and ought to be dealt with on just those terms, unmercifully, harshly, and swiftly. Perpetrators of evil ought to accrue no special dispensation, and, if you ask me, government out to be dealt with the harshest of all.

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