Reform or Eradicate?

Those who believe the former simply have their heads far, far up their asses. That is to say, they neither have the slightest clue as to what the hell they’re talking about, nor do they source information by others who know what the hell they are talking about. No, the pundits, often dumb themselves, but more often shrewd, serve up bromides, slogans and talking points tailor-made for a mass of know-nothings and dimwits. And so you get one massive cluster-fuck of massive ignorance and stupidity; the blind being led by the blind or by the clever, which pretty much sums up the political left in this country.

Here’s one of the the very few who actually knows what the hell he’s talking about?

Quite simply, Islam is not in need of a reformation, but of a civil
war in the Middle East, since the jihadists cannot be reasoned with,
only defeated. Only with their humiliation, will come a climate of
tolerance and reform, when berated and beaten-down moderates can come
out of the shadows.

The challenge for the Middle East is
analogous to our own prior war with Hitler who sought to redefine
Western culture along some racial notion of a pure Volk long
ago unspoiled by Romanizing civilization. Proving the West was not
about race or some notion of an ubermenschen ruling class did not
require an “internal dialogue,” much less another religious
reformation, but the complete annihilation of Nazism.

it must be with the latest fad of radical Islamicism. Contrary to
popular opinion, there has not been a single standard doctrine of
hatred in the Middle East. Radical Islam is just the most recent brand
of many successive pathologies, not necessarily any more embraced by a
billion people than Hitler’s Nazism was characteristic of the entire

In the 1940s the raging -ism in the Middle East
was anti-Semitic secular fascism, copycatting Hitler and Mussolini —
who seemed by 1942 ascendant and victorious.

Between the 1950s and 1970s Soviet-style atheistic Baathism and tribal
Pan-Arabism were deemed the waves of the future and unstoppable.

By the 1980s Islamism was the new antidote for the old bacillus of failure and inadequacy.

Each time an -ism was defeated, it was only to be followed by another —
as it always is in the absence of free markets and constitutional

Saddam started out as a pro-Soviet Communist puppet, then fancied
himself a fascistic dictator and pan-Arabist nationalist, and ended up
building mosques, always in search of the most resonant strain of
hatred. Arafat was once a left-wing atheistic thug. When the Soviet
Union waned, he dropped the boutique socialism, and became a
South-American-style caudillo. At the end of his days, he too got
religion as the Arab Street turned to fundamentalism and Hamas
threatened to eat away his support.

The common theme is not the Koran, but the constant pathology of the
Middle East — gender apartheid, polygamy, religious intolerance,
tribalism, no freedom, a censored press, an educational system of
brainwashing rather than free inquiry — that lends itself to the next
cult to explain away failure and blame the West, which always looms as
both whore and Madonna to the Arab Street.

Iraq has inadvertently become the battleground of a long overdue
reckoning, a bellwether of the future of the Middle East. If the
constitutionalists win, then the jihadists will be in retreat and there
will be at last a third way between radical Islam and dictatorship.

must now step up our efforts. At home we should no more tolerate the
expression of Islamic fascism on the shores of the West than Churchill
would have allowed Hitler Youth to teach Aryan global racial
superiority in London while it was under the Blitz.

the extremists are repatriated to the Middle East, and understand they
are never again welcome in Europe and America, millions of others will
know the reason why — and decide by their own attitudes to the killers
in their midst whether they themselves wish ever again to visit, work,
or be educated in the West.

If the terrorists are not
isolated and ostracized at home, then any Western government would have
to be suicidal to admit any more young males from the Islamic Middle
East. Indeed, if the Iranian public or the Saudis, or Egyptian
citizenry do not begin creating a climate hostile to radical Islam,
then they de facto can only become the enemies of the United States in
a war that they can only lose.


Iraqi guardsmen are fighting al Qaedists as Afghans die in firefights
with Taliban remnants. Note well that at the loci of American
democratizing presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, there are few local
Iraqis and Afghans — as there are few Turkish or Indian Muslims — who
are eager for global jihad against the West.
The killers instead
flock from elsewhere to those new nations to stop the experiment before
it spreads. Give dictatorial Pakistan or Egypt billions, and we get
ever more terrorists; give the Iraqis and Afghans their freedom and
their citizens are unlikely to show up in London and Madrid blowing up
civilians, but rather busy at home killing jihadists.

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