From John Stossel’s weekly email forwarded by my dad:

By the way, I’m writing another book. It will be called "Myths." Do you have any
myths you want me to research and write about?

And dad’s follow-up email:

Hey, why don’t you come up with some myth’s for
J.S.’s new book, Myths.

Hey, it’s not a bad idea, though judging from Stossel’s first book, there’s probably nothing I can come up with in the political / philosophical sphere that he doesn’t already know about. Besides, the myths that most concern me are the most fundamental ones, i.e., those that the logic of the current macro human culture all reduce to.

For example, isn’t it like 95%+ people who believe in a God of some sort? That being the case, it seems to me rather futile to chase around a whole lot of derivative myths (and that emphasized word has implications). The problem isn’t the facts of the matter as much as it is mythology, as such.

The core problem and issue is that the "best" mythology is pernicious. That is, it’s viral, meaning: it contains within itself all the properties necessary to defend and propagate itself. Forgive my anthropomorphizing, but I hope you get the point.

And the point — the point that I try to make each and every day — is that human freedom is about humanity — man qua man. And, there is nothing in humanity, in and of itself, that requires any sort of external authority, be it the state, the church, your favorite political party, or any or those organizations that send you mailers predicting disaster in our times and begging donations. To accept any such authority is to compromise your ability to discern reality as it really is, no matter your innate cleverness (cleverness only arbitrates winners and losers). Any compromise in that ability, your natural ability, leads to diminished lives — if not outright destruction.

Much as he might actually sympathize, I doubt John could find much use in what I have to say about myth. He does, after all, have to sell his book.

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