Oh, What the Hell

A comment, from my last post by Dawn Benko.

With all the energy illegals displayed over the weekend during their
rallies to demand rights they cannot claim, I can’t quite understand
why they can’t use that same energy to change things in their own

The problem is that you’re drawing false distinctions.

If these so-called "rights" cannot legitimately be claimed by
"illegals" (I assume you are referring to certain "entitlements"), then
they can’t legitimately be claimed by "legals" either. Why? Because
they aren’t rights. You have no right, either directly or
through your gun-and-lethal-syrynge-backed agents, the government, to
be "entitled" to anything of mine–not a single cent or second–that I
don’t voluntarily consent to allow you in gift or trade.

Understand: I’m not defending their snuggling up to the public
teat–with its milk a product of the cannibalization of productive
people in bits and pieces–I’m condemning yours, or if you don’t
yourself partake, your advocacy
for others on the arbitrary basis of their having been born here or survived
some gauntlet-maze set up to get in here that hasn’t a thing to do with
me, my property, or my time.

I’ll not dispute that many of them are just as parasitic as that
class of organisms we have in such native abundance here (most
populating government buildings, by the way). But if this, America, can
rightly be claimed as someone’s "own country," as you put it, then such
can rightly be claimed by anyone who wants to claim it. And I’ll tell
you what: some guy crossing the Rio Grande to work his butt off to
support his family has one helluva lot higher moral right to claim it
than does some bloodsucker bureaubot in some nameless g-office, or one
of those G.I. Joe Stormtroopers who regularly knock down the doors of
innocent people who aren’t hurting anyone.

"America" is a spirit, a culture, an ideal, and most of all, a particular ethic, and it exists all over the world.

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