The Queen of Class

It was a few years ago that my paternal grandmother was dying at a ripe old age, right around the Thanksgiving holiday, bringing the family together–for that extra-special event. We sat ’round the table and decided to go around and say something nice and good about the family-member sitting to our respective right.

Cathy, The Queen of Class, my aunt by marriage to my dad’s younger brother, Ingo, lost a battle last night to pancreatic cancer. She was young; in her mid-50s. Yes–The Queen of Class–that’s what I said about Cathy that night, sitting to my right, with her hand in mine. I say "battle" because she fought such a valiant war her entire adult life to life-threatening ailments. She only surrendered, last night, because my loving uncle–who has fought by her side for all these year–told her that it was OK.

Had you the pleasure of knowing her, you would never have known she was sick a day in her life. From the time they owned a small townhouse when they were first married, to their 3000 square foot home on a hill overlooking the City of Reno, it was ready for a Home & Gardens photo shoot 24 x 7. Cathy conducted her personal appearance in exactly the same way. She looked great in a bathrobe.

She was always entertaining, and engaging in conversation, and as such, was always someone I looked forward to seeing. You don’t know how much of a compliment that is, for me.

I will truly miss her.

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