Chaos and Mass Civil Unrest Narrowly Averted

Well I just got home and undertook to walk the two terrorists (Rotor and Nannuk) cleverly disguised as cute little rat terriers. Here’s some recent pics of Rotor while on stud duty. He’s the brown-faced one. I digress.

So we went out on the normal course around the block and I could see down the RR tracks that there was some commotion involving the police. There were at least a couple of cars and a cop on a bike. Must have been something serious.

By the time I got around to the other side of the block and walked by, there were six cops on scene. Four police cars, one with a blown-out tire from ramming the curb. They were all glad handing, high fiving and generally spreading the glory. What lay there on the street, hands cuffed behind his back, was not some gang of thugs intent on wreaking havoc on the peaceful, but a lone, brown-skinned man of Latin descent. He weighed all of 130 lbs., and he was choked up trying to talk to them. I saw no weapons or anything else that might represent a threat to me or anyone else.

Frankly, I don’t know whether the guy actually harmed anyone, or what he did to deserve such treatment, but after my earlier entry today, I wasn’t in the mood to see something like this.

Regarding that earlier entry, I just had to wonder a time or two today if it wasn’t a case of "affirmative action" taking place, if you catch my drift.

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