People who know me know that I have nearly zero concern for environmentalist "issues." For instance, I’m fond of announcing to people that I do not go out of my way to recycle. I don’t object if it costs me nothing extra in dollars, time, or trouble to recycle, but I absolutely will not go an inch out of my way to do it. At the same time, I love nature, the animal kingdom, and support rational conservation efforts. I also recognize that most real environmental issues, to include the risk of extinction of important species (not all are), are fundamentally known problems with known solutions.

I have never, ever seen the environmentalist movement as anything more than a slightly more sophisticated and organized version of the Luddite movement. Of course, they’re all watermelons, now, so that’s something to be concerned about.

I’ve been saying it for two decades, at least. Over and over. To get from ‘A’ to ‘C,’ one must go via ‘B.’ Here, here, and here is one tiny example of why I’m thoroughly and completely unconcerned with the environmentalist movement, and will remain so. You "environmentalists" would do well to invest your time and effort on real problems, beginning first of with your sense of perspective and ability to think.

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