Buy a Little Freedom; Only a Hundred Bucks

It goes without saying that it’d be best if airline businesses were turned away from the government trough, and most particularly, made responsible for the general security of their own aircraft and passengers (you’ll note we don’t have a federal aircraft repair and maintenance bureau), and held accountable for such general security — to include also all aspects of traffic management on the ground and in the air, port facilities; in short, each and every nitty-gritty aspect of you getting from point A to point B via air travel.

(And don’t be silly and think that we need the FAA. Browse through this little website, then go turn every electrical appliance in your house bottom-side-up and have yourself a look see.)

Anyway, your government, the slave holder, is offering you a little freedom; for a price. The aforementioned ideal world being duly noted and lamented, I can’t think of any reason not to buy.

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