Rachel Lucas

She’s Ba-ack. Not as funny, though.

I turned 35 last month and something about reaching that age makes
me feel totally ballsy. I’m ready to berate asshats once more, baby!

I’ve started paying attention to the news again, which is like watching
a bunch of circus clowns throwing poop at each other. The headline on
Drudge as I write this is about John McCain using “a curse word
associated with chickens” while arguing with John Cornyn over
immigration. Seriously? Did he call him a Chicken-F—er?
Someone throw me a bone; I’m in the dark here. Hillary is going to run
for president – oh god, yes, please. This election should be almost as
hilarious as the last one. Al Gore has amped up his fearmongering and
even though I do think we’re doing all sorts of naughty things to
Earth, god, do I still hate that guy. And my favorite morbidly obese
nutjob in the whole world, one Mr. Michael Moore, is back with a new
“documentary”. It’s like manna from heaven, there for me to munch away


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