Cabin Tour

Though I haven’t talked about it in a while, long-time readers know I can’t shut up about our cabin in Arnold, CA.


Continue on for the inside tour.

We kind of came up spur of the moment yesterday and I didn’t bring my regular camera, so there are with my phone, but really not too bad.

This is what you’ll see upon entry, the great room and loft where I have my office. Yea, you’ll see what I mean as we go along but this place is a regular Cabela’s catalog thanks to the wife (not that I mind — it’s fun).


And here’s the loft. I’m showing off with the tech setup, but that’s what it’ll be like at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow when the market opens. The DSL connection really screams up here, and I’ve got WiFi set up to the constant joy of all visitors.


Here’s the master bedroom, upstairs and just down from the loft.


Here’s the view of the great room from the loft, at the head of the stairs. Note the railing on the far wall. That’s where we cut a hole and finished the "basement" beginning about a year ago, completed right before Christmas.


The kitchen, which is just off to the right as you enter.


The main guest room, just off the great room.


Here are the stairs heading down to the aforementioned addition.


The hallway at the foot of the stairs.


The dungeon. That’s the new guest room, no windows. I’m happy to inform guests that they’ll know what it’s like to sleep in a U.S. Navy ship stateroom after the lights are off. My first night in one of those, I woke up and had to turn on the bunk light to ensure I’d not gone blind in my sleep. It’s that dark.


And here’s the entertainment room with the TV and games and such, right at the end of the downstairs hall.


I just realized…no bathroom pics. There are 2 1/2 baths and they’re cool because they all have the same style of cedar vanities with custom wood counter-tops.

So there you have it. Now do you get why I can’t shut up about it?

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