Closing Bell YouTubing

Well, not really much market commentary today. Since my good day on Tuesday I’ve stayed out of the market, save for longer time-frame positions that are doing fine with time premium melting away towards September options expiration on the 21st. For the short term swing plays that can last anywhere from minutes to a few days, I’ve gotten to where if I have any reasonable hesitation, I just wait for a better "feeling." Monday afternoon, I bought those puts without a second of hesitation and then rode them for every penny Tuesday, got out a minute before the bell — and Wednesday the market would have taken back every last dime of profit had I tried to ride it for more. These huge swings are great, when you can catch ’em, but they’ll kill you if you’re not careful.

So, weird week. Ended up pretty much where it started with lots in between.

I was going to post something else entirely, but YouTube doesn’t yet have a version I’m happy with, so I’ve got another treat. Think you could guess my favorite Led Zeppelin tune? Stairway, right? Nope. Black Dog? No way. Whole Lotta Love? Great one; but no. Dazed & Confused, yet? Nah. How about Ramble On? Right you are. This is one of those rare songs that I love more the more I hear it; because every time I hear it I notice something new. The way the bass guitar (well, "baritone," actually) kinda but not completely leads the verses, then kind of trades off here and there with both acoustic and electric guitar, and then how the drums really mark and hold the chorus with such a cool sharp and punchy percussion. And Robert Plant gives a great –what I call — power-pure vocal performance. It’s a complex and balanced number, and I just can’t ever get enough of it.

Here y’ go; and yea, that Lord of the Rings animation is the only version I could find on YouTube. And by all means: crank it. You’ll be glad you did.

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