Ego “Justice” Update

A bitch of a deal

When Linares asked the city to repair the white three-railed fence
behind his house, he was told it was on his property and his
responsibility. So he replaced the termite-infested planks. Then the
city reversed itself and said Linares had illegally built the fence on
city property.

Now he’s going to jail for six months with no possibility of probation or house arrest. I’m sure that will sit well with Farmer’s Insurance Co. where Francisco Linares is a district manager. But that’s OK. According to the gist of the story, at least L.A. County "Superior" Court Judge Sandra Thompson, who imposed the sentence, is on track for her retirement party, where, now, she won’t have to be bothered by the insolent, disobedient Linares.

Life’s a bitch. Isn’t that right, Ms. Thompson?

…Oh, and be sure not to miss page two of that story. I almost did.

(via my brother in email)

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