Rats or Cockroaches; No Matter; When the Light Gets Flipped On, It’s All the Same Scene

That was my line out loud, just a few minutes ago in the locker room over at the gym in response to this on the Teevee, which earned a round of laughs and nods from the guys.

It’s fair to say we were all very surprised by this.

That’s the typically lying hag bag of shit, Hillary!; who else? You know, it’s difficult for me to recall — going back to 1991 here—a single time I have ever heard her open her fat trap when I thought she was being sincere and honest. Bill, too, mostly; but at least he always had a certain charm of being a bit difficult to dislike just because. Not her; that pathetic bitch has made me nauseous from day one: every single time I have the misfortune of laying eyes on her ugly mug. Loathing; I can’t think of any other way to describe it.

So now a bunch of democrats, once again, are shocked — shocked — to find they’ve taken “dirty” money and are scurrying as fast as they can to return it.  Rats or cockroaches; no matter.

Disclaimer: for those unfamiliar ’round here, I couldn’t really care less about sources or amounts of campaign donations. I’m speaking to the general lying hypocrisy rampant in the whole rotten deal.

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