Funny how things change. Both my mom and dad expressed some concern to me today because I’d not been seen or heard from in about a week — much like around here on the blog. Yet, back when I was often traipsing around tropical southwestern Pacific paradises, I’d go a month or two without a word to anyone on the home world.

What can I say? There’s just nothing in the news that interests me to blog about, just now. I almost wrote something about the fire (we have family in Vista — Poway too; all is OK) but didn’t get even a paragraph into that. Then there was some buzz about Ron Paul fans getting shut out of various Republican enclaves online, and how that shit-for-brains Hannity only regards a Fox call-in poll relevant if it happens to confirm his own moronic delusions. But ho-hum anyway; je me fais chier.

Tell you what. Here’s some pics, taken this weekend up in Muphy’s, just a 15 minute jaunt down the hill from the cabin. There’s a couple each from Twisted Oak Winery, Ironstone Winery, and Stevenot Winery. That’s six out of 51 on a day too beautiful to even describe. All below the fold.







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