Please, Indeed

Lew says "oh please," but this for me would constitute my largest problem with Paul (follow the links, if you like). I don’t mind that he has faith in a deity, for it’s not really a scientific proposition, and so much of it is wrapped in family tradition anyway — I love Christmas time, even though I consider literal belief absurd. But denying the scientific fact of evolution and natural selection — especially using that ignorant "just a theory" line — tells me that in some measure he places his faith above his perception, cognition, conceptualization, and reason. I simply cannot take anyone completely seriously who denies evolution and natural selection — either because they’re ignorant (excusable, but why take ignorant people seriously?) or explicitly places some degree of limitation on reason in favor of faith, which is really inexcusable, and you must therefore place great suspicion on their ability to honestly deal in facts.

I could have taken it a little easier if he’d waffled on the issue, simply stating that he’s not well enough versed in the theories to judge one way or the other, and he doesn’t consider it important that he does. Misrepresenting the word "theory," however, is a pretty serious offense, in my view. Ever heard of the theory of relativity, or the the theory of quantum mechanics, or the theory of a host of other things? How about this one: the theory of gravitation, which ultimately described the motion of solar systems.

I suppose you can look back to the time where it was outrageously suggested (and how dare they teach out kids!) that the sun, planets and other galaxies of stars didn’t revolve around Earth each day and understand that it literally took centuries for the theory of gravitation and other clearly observable aspects to be accepted. And the reason it took so long, of course, was because of religious doctrine that was wrong — just like it’s always eventually wrong when it seeks to explain complex scientific phenomena from the perspective of people who haven’t even figured out running water, forced air heating, or refrigeration. So, understandable, because I guess that’s just the way people are. But that doesn’t make any of those people any less ignorant or obstinate, indeed inexcusably stupid, once facts with clear logical implications were established. So, the question is: how stupid do you want to be? You can be as stupid as you like, you know.

That said, the hopeful thing about Paul is that he doesn’t want to force his silly religious views down your throat or mandate they be taught in schools. He wishes to eliminate the Dept of Education, which should be done: education should take place at home, or at the authority and expense of a small local community, however they may decide to do it.

Update: Well, look at this. Turns out the original video was doctored. I don’t know that it makes a huge difference, but I suppose it’s more along the lines of the waffling I wrote about.

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