April Fools

My case rests. Just take in the first 10. That’s all I did, and honestly, I could have fallen for a couple or a few (at least less than 10). My point? We are all susceptible to being fooled. April 1st is a rare gift: you get to know you’re a "fool" pretty quick. It’s a good exercise in humility, but more precisely: fallibility.

It’s the rest of the year that’s the problem and it happens in myriad ways. Hey: These people vote. Political implications? My guess? Randomness to the rescue. Thank god for randomness and some bit of foolish "diversity."

The process of making us less foolish generally, is evolutionary, and thus very, very, very long term. But any individual already has the tools available to mitigate the carnage all by himself. This goes to being among the elite. It’s a decision and commitment; not a birth sentence.

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