Logical Simplicity

The only thing really complicated about Mike's list of mistakes people make is that most people are so enthusiastic about the havoc they're wreaking on their bodies that they aren't really stopping to assess why it is that they make no gains and often get worse — chronically worse. That's to say it's rather complicated figuring out why one can observe plain old animals, like dogs, behave in accordance with their natures, while humans have all this benefit of knowledge, science, technology and so very many use these things to violate their biological natures rather than to enhance and promote them.

I'm all for "out-competing god" (one of my favorite metaphors), and I have no problem in the world with artificial or man-made means of either obviating the continued necessity of biological processes in a natural, evolved way, or circumventing nature altogether. However…

Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed. — Francis Bacon

I might state it that nature, to be commanded, must first be obeyed. You must first understand what you are doing, form hypotheses, test them, and keep testing them and developing new ones. This ensures that you are first obeying nature all the while you are trying to overcome its more harsh realities.

This is critically important and crucial to the unique approach to health and a lean physique I intend to develop. Many in this area are either Luddites, or those peddling useless — often harmful — products and information that begin, very first thing, by ignoring nature, being ignorant of it, or simply not caring to ask any questions or see any answers. I don't know which group I hate more.

Now take a look at Howie's story, as reported by Billy Beck. I think that's just fabulous. Bring it on. So, those who claim that science is messing with nature, or any other way they choose to express their disdain — often on religious or "environmental" grounds — can just go fuck themselves without delay. And same goes for those who maintain an exclusively medical approach to all human suffering without at least understanding the underlying physiological and metabolic issues from a natural, non-medical perspective. Sure, let's have insulin available for Type IIs who absolutely refuse to eat in a way that will cure their diabetes; but let's at very least make sure they are informed about their options, and for god's sake, fuck the American Diabetes Association and its criminal, murderous approach. While I'm at it? Fuck the FDA as well.

The weird thing is that it's so simple. The fortunate thing is that once one is off the addiction of the highly processed foods and (especially) drinks of "civilization," it's actually quite a de-fogging experience. Man, do I know. After a week of camping with all manner of food and beverage available, I'm happy to get back to normal. I did reasonably well, but at the same time was interested in seeing what a few excursions into processed foods and drink would do to me.

In a word: tired. I can not remember having bouts of being so tired at times in months and months.

All the foregoing is by way of prefiguring my approach to all of this, and forms one aspect of the general basis of the manifesto I'm currently outlining. More is sure to come.

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